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“I first found Paul Piotrowski when I wanted coaching for my online business. As he is also a techie person, we bonded pretty fast on how-to strategies. What I found out thou was that his true value lies in his personal development skills. What became clear was that you can have all the expertise, but what counts and will propel you forward is your state of mind. Its easier if I list the qualities that Paul has which make him my lifelong coach (and friend).
– Paul actually listens to YOUR situation fully before jumping in. He does of course impart advice from his own personal experiences, but embraces your situation and ideas first.
– Patient
– Straightforward and compassionate
– Balances intuition and facts
– Up-to-date on topics ranging from health, business, alternative therapies and more

I’m glad I still speak to Paul and still learn from him. I’m sure he will agree I’m in a much better place (financially & mentally) than when he first started coaching me. I know all the pieces were there, they just needed re-arranging and a different perspective.
~Su Augusta, United Kingdom

CarolynPaul is an extremely developed and accomplished person on so many levels. His enthusiasm and compassion for teaching others the tools to create a successful online business presence is extraordinary.

He is not only well-versed in the technical field, but also well-versed in the spiritual and emotional realms as well. He will make you feel confident about yourself and your abilities in everything that you do.

After only one session with him, I was finally able to understand and accept things about myself that other coaches were not able to do. He is not only a mentor, he is a life coach.”

~ Julianna Lin, USA