How to Make Money as a Lightworker

The study of money, what it is, how to make it, why does it work the way it works etc. has always been a fascinating subject for me. Is it because I’m a greedy, rich, evil person who only cares about money and nothing else? No. Far from it.

I’ve been fascinated with the concept of money, because I think I have always intuitively understood that money is a form of energy, and what fascinates me in life is just how misunderstood the energy of money is.

The Energy of Money

In it’s basic definition, money is just a medium of exchange that is accepted in payment for goods, services or in settlement for debts. Beneath the surface though, money is an energy that is a lot more complicated than that.

Take for example the terms “blood money”, or “drug money”, or “stolen money”, or “donated money”, or “tax refund money”, or “borrowed money”. Do you see the subtle, yet important difference in the energy of the money depending on it’s source? Would you rather have $100 of “blood money” or $100 of “tax refund money”?

What if nobody except you knew the source of that money? Would it still matter where it came from or how?

Let’s take another example which has nothing to do with the source of the money. Let’s say that you make a salary of $4,000/month at your job, and lets say you’ve got a $10,000 credit card debt that you’re working on paying off. Let’s assume you’re making a $500/month payment on that credit card to pay it off. Now let’s say that you decide to get yourself out of debt quicker, so instead of coming home after work and watching TV all night you decide to look into getting a part time job in the evenings which will pay you an extra $1,000/month.

However, because you are going to be giving up your precious “TV time” you decide to make a deal with yourself in that you agree to take the part time job and work the extra hours until the debt is completely paid off, but you decide to only allocate 75% of your extra earnings towards paying off the debt and to use the other 25% as spending money on whatever you want. Essentially, as a reward for getting off your butt you decide to allocate 25% of your extra earnings into your “guilt free” money fund. So at the end of the month you take $750 and put it onto your credit card to accelerate the speed at which you’re paying it off AND you take the other $250 and go shopping with it for whatever you want.

When you’re at the mall now and you just bought your new $250 toy, you notice something is different. Instead of feeling guilty like you used to feel when you were buying your toys on your credit card, you feel totally at peace with yourself making this $250 purchase. You realize that this $250 you just spent had “guilt free energy” around it.

So in this scenario, do you see how it wasn’t necessarily the source of the money that gave it a certain type of energy, it was really how it was allocated in your mind that changed the energy around it.

There are many other examples I could give here, but the basic point I’m just trying to explain here is that $100 isn’t always worth $100 to people. $100 of lottery money carries different energy than $100 of hard-earned money, which also carries with it a different energy than $100 of guilt-free money etc.

Beliefs about Money

What colors and creates the energy behind money? If I have $100 of “blood money” and I give it to you but you don’t know that it’s “blood money”, does it cease to be “blood money”? Or does the energy stay with the money?

My belief is that our beliefs color the energy around money in our lives. The first thing that we need to really get clear on when trying to make money as a Lightworker, is to really explore our beliefs about money. If your beliefs about money are conflicted and all over the place it is going to be really difficult for you to produce consistent results in attracting, creating and making money.

For example, take a look at this list of beliefs some people may hold about money:

  • Money is the root of all evil
  • Any money that I make ends up getting spent anyways
  • It takes money to make money
  • Money doesn’t buy happiness
  • You have to work hard for money
  • Money buys respect
  • Money is all about who you know
  • Once I have enough money I will help others
  • People should be able to charge whatever they want
  • Money brings security
  • Money pays for the things we love in life
  • Money will pay for my vacation
  • Everything depends on money
  • There is never enough money to go around
  • Money comes and goes
  • I’m not all about money
  • There are way more important things in life than money
  • I won’t sell out to money
  • Money is a necessary evil
  • etc.

See how these types of beliefs will color the energy of the money you try to make in your life? In fact, every dollar you have every made you’ve colored with your beliefs without even knowing it. A person who always says “Money is a necessary evil” will color all the money in their world with that paintbrush. A different person with a belief that “Money makes the world go round.” will color it totally differently.

Covering the topic of beliefs about money is beyond the scope of this article and I’ll cover that topic in different articles, but the point I wanted to make is that the energy of money is colored by your beliefs.

Choosing Your Money Making Path

When I made the decision to COMMIT to monetizing this blog and to really start making money blogging earlier this month (I can’t believe it was only 12 days ago), I noticed something really interesting began to happen.

Of course being the personal development enthusiast that I am, I began to apply all the tools I have at my disposal to this path including law of attraction, intention manifestation, goal setting, visualization, affirmations, as well as my newest and most exciting tool – personal discipline.

Almost immediately I began to see a major shift in several success factors I was measuring for the progress of my blog. Traffic increased, RSS Feed subscriptions increased, comments increased, I began receiving emails from many people, and everything just began to flow in the right direction. I began to get excited, but then something interesting happened.

All of a sudden as I began to do some heavy research and thinking about how to grow this blog I started to realize that there is basically two different ways I could go about making money with this blog. I could take a “Lightworker” path, or I could take a “Darkworker” path. What does this mean?

Well, probably the best way I can describe the difference is that taking the Lightworker path means that your primary intention and focus is on GIVING to the world and creating value and then allowing money to flow into your life as a natural flow that balances the equation. Taking the Darkworker path means that your primary intention and focus is on GETTING money from the world by identifying and capitalizing on the simplest and most efficient money making system at your disposal which costs you the absolute least in terms of having to provide value.

This doesn’t mean that the “Darkworker” path is an evil path and that people who choose the “Darkworker” path of making money are bad people. It it just a different way of relating yourself to the world. For example, a day trader who trades stock on a daily basis typically just works on identifying market inefficiencies and by analyzing different patterns, he tries to determine the optimal time to buy and sell certain stocks. His primary intention is to make a profit, that’s it. Is there anything wrong with that? Absolutely not. It’s just a different way of doing things.

So what happened to me is that all of a sudden a whole bunch of different opportunities presented themselves to me and some of them would allow me to provide a lot of value to the world and would just require me to trust the flow of the world to flow money back to me, while other opportunities showed up that would totally allow me to focus strictly on making money by exploiting different types of market inefficiencies.

I began to realize that it was time to polarize in one direction and stick to a single path so as not to cancel out my energy by trying to go in two different directions at the same time. I had to really sit down and think about this because the opportunities that presented themselves to me were fairly lucrative and I realized that things were going to get even more lucrative as time goes on. I realized I needed to commit to a single path. I chose the path of the Lightworker.

Why Lightworker? Well, to be honest with you I’ve made money in my life utilizing both sides of the coin. I’m not talking about doing anything illegal here, but I’ve made some big money at times without really providing any huge value for it. It was simply a matter of putting myself in the right place at the right time and taking advantage of market inefficiencies. Other times I’ve made money by providing tremendous value. I thought about it and I realized that anytime I’ve ever made $100 with Lightworker energy it always felt more natural for me than when I made $100 with Darkworker energy. It is then that I realized that Lightworker energy resonates a lot more with me naturally so I’m better off sticking to that path.

Here’s the beauty of picking a side. Once I picked a side, it became really easy for me to say NO to opportunities that don’t align with my path. Even though I was saying NO to money short term, I was saying YES to something much more important to me. Once again I want to emphasize that there is nothing wrong with the Darkworker path for anyone who chooses to go down that route, I’m just saying I’ve chosen against it.

Quick Example of What I Mean

Here’s a quick example that may illustrate what I mean about sticking with one side of the coin. I’m currently working my butt off to try to learn everything I possibly can about making money online with blogs, Adsense, affiliate programs etc. I’m visualizing, doing my affirmations and applying personal-discipline to my goals of trying to make as much money as I possibly can in this first month of monetizing the Blog. Every penny counts, literally.

Last month I made less than $10 from this Blog, so I originally set a goal as an experiment to see if I could double that amount this month and to try to hit $20. My idea was to try to double my income every month. At the end of this month I’m going to post exactly how much I’ve made this month, so stay tuned, but let me get back to my example.

If you’ve been reading my Blog, on April 20th I made a Lightworker decision to stop selling my eBook on ClickBank for $9.95 and instead to Give it Away For Free to anyone who subscribes to my RSS feed. As a Lightworker I’m not worried about having to make money up front. I know that if my eBook brings value to people, money will flow back to me automatically anyways so I’m not worried.

Now here’s a funny thing that happened. I got an email this week from ClickBank saying someone bought my eBook. I haven’t pulled down my page on there yet so somebody who doesn’t read my Blog purchased it not knowing that they can now get it for Free on my site. So now I had to make a decision. Do I email this person and offer to give them a refund on the money since they could get the eBook for free on this Blog, or do I just say “Screw it, they don’t read my Blog so it’s their loss.” Remember that the goal of my experiment was to go from less than $10 in income to $20 in income this month, so a $9.95 sale of my eBook makes a big difference in this monetization experiment.

Well, as a polarized Lightworker the decision becomes a no-brainer. I sent an email to the person offering a full refund and gave them a link to the article where they can get the eBook for free. I may lose $9.95 during a period of time when every penny counts in this experiment, but it doesn’t matter because the intention here is not to just make money, the intention here is to make money as an Inspired Money Maker (Lightworker).

So How DO You Make Money as a Lightworker?

Well, the answer to that question will slowly be revealed over time as this Blog grows and my income as a Lightworker grows. It’s not that I’m trying to keep it a secret or anything, it’s just that I prefer to teach through the clarity of my example. I’m not going to sit here and preach to you about how to make huge money as a Lightworker because I haven’t done it in a big way yet. I’ve made quite a bit of money in my life already, but I’ve never fully polarized myself in one direction.

So all I can really say at this point as far as making money as a Lightworker is simply “Watch me.” I don’t mean that in an Egotistical way, I’m simply saying that if you want to learn than tune into this Blog and pay attention to what happens. I’m going to share my successes and my stumbling blocks as I try to figure this thing out.

I’m sure I’ll run into some snags along the way but I really feel excited about this path and I know that it will be a huge growth experience for me. In the end, I am so inspired to think about the fact that when I do succeed at this, regardless how long it takes, it’s going to feel so awesome knowing that I followed my heart and became a Money Making Lightworker which is another name for an Inspired Money Maker .

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  • Mike Harmon says:

    I came across your blog on Technorati. Nice site layout. I will stop by and read more soon.

    Mike Harmon

  • Hi Paul

    Great article, and one in which your lightworker energy is hugely apparent – I can feel it through your words! Your writing has an uplifting and joyful energy to it, which in turn is very inspiring.

    I have a question for you that I’ve been pondering recently… I would definitely put myself in the lightworker camp, and I fully endorse and enjoy the idea of creating value in the world, with money (and other resources) flowing in naturally as required to support that creation. My question, though, is: what about money that “just comes” (and related to that, can money ever “just come”?) into our lives? By this I mean, does money always have to come through either a lightworker based source (creating value) or a darkworker one (creating profit)? Can we ever just receive money in our lives simply “because”, just for being? What led me to this question was thinking about people’s limiting belief of having to be deserving or worthy of money, and I wondered whether creating value fell into this (in the sense that if you don’t create value, you do not deserve to receive money – ie no value, no money). Am I making sense?! What do you think?

    All the best

  • Barry says:

    Hi Paul,

    I have been reading your blog and I very much like your candid approach. I am in a similar situation in that I want to contribute and inspire people however I also have to make money in order to survive and keep my business and young family housed, clothed and fed.

    I am looking fprward to reading more about your success and I thank you for sharing your thoughts and understandings on money with me/us, it really does make sense and I will reflect on this as I choose my next step on becoming more of a light maker than I am at present.

    Many Thanks

    Barry O’Brien

    Manchester, England

  • Thomas says:

    Paul, I’m glad you chose that way, we don’t need anymore black holes, sucking up energy ;-) (that’s a lightworker talking, in case you didn’t notice)

    So you have these daytraders, making money out of money. As a lightworker I would say, that they are abusing our value exchange system. It looks like the value of my property is growing, but it’s not. It’s the value of our money that is decreasing, because they are making money out of thin air. It’s smart, from THEIR point of view. But then again, you gotta love them, because everybody else have to run twice as fast to buy the same stuff as before, OR become twice as creative as before. More creativity is good.
    As a lightworker you open up the energy flow from within, so in a way you can say that you are creating something out of thin air too. It’s just a matter of which way the main part of the energy flows.

    Thank you for a great blog, there is always something fresh about your posts. I think your are on the right track.

  • Paul this is inspriational! Firstly good luck on making your target. If you keep doubling it every month you’ll be making a million in a month in no time (well, less than 18 months anyway) ;-)

    This artilce integrates the Light/Dark worker concept currently discussed by Steve Pavlina on his blog – I particularly like how you’re bringing the theory to life.


  • Dipo Tepede says:

    Hi Paul,

    First of all, I dont appreciate the labelling of lightworker and darkworker.

    The etymology of the darkworker specifically the “dark” connotes shady platforms.

    An exchange trader who speculates may appear not to be adding value but his value becomes prominent in the chain of economic progress and national building. An exchange speculator simply accepts the risks associated with the exchange. Without the speculators, there would be no platform for corporations to float funds. If corporations do not get funds from exchange, there would be no expansion of the corporation, jobs are likely to be lost thus reducing the GDP of the nation.

    This is a great disaster to a nation unlike those who label themselves as “lightworker” and all they do is write articles for personal development snd claim they are not profit center. They are indeed profit center as they seek to monetize their platform of exchange.

    I believe this is a biase article and saying those that pursue profit are not bad by themselves does not spin it.

    if we have to grade with a metric system, the entrepreneur who is profit center affects more people positively by creating jobs, etc than a blogger who writes personal development article.

    I dont believe there is absolute value added to humanity by giving off your e-book – not paying for the e-book itself may stifle personal growth as humans dont cherish what they do not sweat for. Only few individuals appreciate what they did not sweat for.

    If the e-book is giving away to confirm the Lawof “Cause and Effect”, then I will agree with your opinion.

    Dipo Tepede

  • Sindre says:

    So, Paul, did you know that you are getting readers from oversea? I’m from Norway! I’ve been following your blog since late last year, and I downloaded your free eBook “The Passion Project” and read it in January – it was great. Then, I recently became one of your RSS-subscribers, and downloaded your next eBook “Mastering The Most Powerful Force In The Universe”. And that was even better! I can understand why you were charging for that for a while. It was an extreme inspiration for me. I can highly recommend it to anyone!

    I think the Lightworker-decision you now have made is great, and I’m myself in the same transition myself. I also started a Norwegian selfhelp-blog in February, and can say that AdSense have been a great way to earn money. I hope you soon will experience the same from AdSense. Keep us updated, it’s fun to hear how AdSense and blogs work for others, and I myself are informing my visitors about the same thing! I wish you all the success you can get – you deserve it!


  • @Mags | Woo-Woo Wisdom: Firstly let me say that I had a lot of confusion about this whole “Lightworker” and “Darkworker” polarization thing when I first heard Steve Pavlina talking about it. I was unpolarized in either direction so I made some of my money one way, and I made some of my money the other way, but I saw “nothing wrong” with making money the “Darkworker” way – and I still don’t.

    To answer you question, I’m ok with accepting any money that flows into my life. It’s not about rejecting money because you don’t feel like you deserve it, or that the source of it isn’t clearly from a “lightworker” energy or anything like that. What it’s about is the INTENTION you start with from the get go.

    The limiting belief that you speak of about being “worthy” of receiving money etc. is a very real fear that people have and a lot of “lightworkers” fall victim to that limiting belief. I am not saying to believe that. I’m saying you can be a lightworker, have the intention of helping the world with everything you do, and still allow money to flow into your life as a natural process.

    Does that help?

  • @Barry: I hear ya Barry. I am very much in the same situation. One of my successes in life has been to break through the corporate “ceilings” and escalate myself to income levels the majority out there don’t make, bringing in incomes of +6 figures. The challenge with that side of things is that when you make that kind of money for a while, your lifestyle becomes based on that too. I’m not talking about Rolex watches here or frivolous spending, but rather simple things like paying my mortgage, utilities etc.

    For example, when I started making decent money I went out and bought my mom a house because it is something I always wanted to do for her. It was an awesome experience to share my success with her like that because she has given me so much in life, but at the same time these kinds of things I got used to being able to afford increase my “minimum amount to survive” if you know what I mean. It’s just like when people have kids, they need to make sure there’s cash in the bank to take care of those needs.

    I know exactly where you’re coming from, and I just want to assure you that I am not an 18 year old kid that has no responsibilities living at home with my parents. Your challenges of having to make money in order to survive, keep your business and young family housed, clothed and fed are exactly the same ones I have and it was part of the hardest part of going down this path for me. I worked with my mentor/coach telling him exactly this point, and I talked about how I wished I started on this path when I was 18 and had no responsibilities – it would have been so much easier to be a lightworker then.

    However, I soon realized that it is EXACTLY because of this reason that I **HAVE** to succeed at this, so that I can connect with people like you and inspire people like you that it IS POSSIBLE to do this even if you’ve got major responsibilities and people counting on you for food, clothing and shelter.

    Thank you for your comments and feedback. I hope that my journey will inspire you to find your path towards becoming an Inspired Money Maker.

  • @Thomas: Thanks for the kind words Thomas.

    One thing I want to point out. Just because someone is a daytrader doesn’t mean he is a “Darkworker” by default. It is not what we DO that determines which path we’re taking, but rather the INTENTION behind what we do that determines that path.

    It is very possible that a Lightworker could be inspired to do something like Daytrading. It is probably unlikely, but definitely possible. In 98% of the cases, I would actually state that Daytraders are probably unpolarized. They may very wall make money daytrading using the “Pull Energy” of a darkworker at work, but then donate to charity at home, volunteer at a soup kitchen, love their family and children, etc. They may simply see their “work” as something they have to do in order to make money and then they use a “lightworker” energy the rest of the time.

    In fact, I’ve made my money using both paths many times in life. It doesn’t mean I ever wanted to hurt anyone or that I’m a bad person. It’s just that sometimes I needed money for something important to me and so I created an intention “TO MAKE MONEY” and certain opportunities presented themselves, while other times I started off with an intention of “Let’s build something great” and then made money from it afterwords.

    This is definitely a difficult topic to explain. Heck, it took me more than a year to understand. It drove me nuts the entire time too.

  • @Simon Stapleton: Thanks Simon. You picked up on the exponential growth thing eh? As you can see by now it’s ingrained deeply within my thinking and stands as a major motivational tool. ;)

  • @Dipo Tepede: Hi Dipo, you make some very interesting points. Three months ago I would be in total agreement with you because that is exactly how I used to think as well. The whole lightworker / darkworker concept is very difficult to explain in writing, but let me offer some clues that may help you one day to understand it.

    The example you give of an exchange trader ultimately creating value for economic progress and national building is completely valid. Without traders, the stocks would not trade at fair prices. Traders trade stocks just like any other merchant trades goods and through trade the prices of goods a natural equilibrium of supply & demand is created and a price for goods is established.

    I am not saying that stock trading is bad, or that it provides no value to the world. Maybe this example will illustrate my point better. Pretend you have this scenario:

    You walk into a room, and there are 10 people there requiring 10 things. Some of them want their lawn mowed, some of them need a massage, some of them would like you to teach them something, some of them want babysitting duties, etc. 10 different individuals, 10 different tasks. You are MORE than capable of doing any of those tasks.

    At the same time, there are 10 different cards sitting on a table each labeled with different numbers like $100, $1000, $0, $8, $15,000, etc. Now, for each task there is a card you will get which will tell you how much you make.

    Here’s the choice you can make. You can either choose the task that you get to do, and then you get whatever card that task carries with it, or you can choose the dollar figure you want to make but then the task gets chosen for you on the card.

    So you can either look around the room and say to yourself “Hmmm…I would like to provide value to this group by ……. babysitting…that’s what I’m the best at, that’s what I love to do… I’m ok with whatever I get paid for it…” OR you can choose “Well, I got a family to feed and my kids need braces and stuff, I’ll pick the $15,000 card and I’ll do whatever they need me to do on that card. It may not be the best thing for me to do for this group, I may provide more value doing something else, but I’ll do whatever they ask because I need to make this $15,000″.

    See how in this example, even if you pick the $15,000 card (Darkworker choice) you still end up providing some form of value to the group anyways based on what the card says? Making the money was your primary intention here though, and creating value just kind of happened as a result because the job written on the card may be a hard job and that hard job does provide value. However, it may not have been the BEST job for you to provide value with.

    Another example of these energies at work may be when you have university students trying to pick what they want to do in life. Instead of picking what purpose and passion they have to help the world with, lets say that they look at “What job pays the most?” and they find that “XYZ” job pays more that “PQR” job so they study for that one because they want to make more money.

    It’s not a matter of value…it’s more of a choice of what you CHOOSE to do first… Do you choose to provide value and then have faith that the world will pay you enough to have abundance financially, or do you choose to pursue financial abundance first and then have faith that the stuff you do for the world will provide value to someone anyways otherwise why would they pay you.

    I will disagree with you when you say that an entrepreneur who is a profit center affects more people positively than a blogger who writes personal development articles. I am not speaking in theory here, but rather from personal experience. I’ve been an entrepreneur for a long time, running several business which employ a group of employees. I know exactly how much my decision to start those businesses impacted my employees lives in a positive way and the value it brought to their families. However, I also know that FOR ME (not for everyone), I can provide a lot more value to the world as a Blogger than as an entrepreneur. Keep in mind that someone else’s purpose and passion can very well be running a business with employees and they can be a lightworker pursuing that path as well. Not only that, but I may very well still have employees and provide jobs being a blogger.

    As for the eBook I agree with you on the fact that most people don’t have what they didn’t pay for. However, the miscalculation I made with that when I believed this exact line of thinking was that I was thinking that if 1,000 people purchase my book and pay $10 for it and you compare that to 1,000 people getting my book for free, that obviously the 1,000 that purchase the book will get more value from it. That is entirely correct. If things worked that way, I believe that 1,000 people paying for it would get more out of it than 1,000 people not paying for it.

    However, what I discovered is that 10 people pay for it, compared to lets say 30,000 people getting it for free is a totally different story. Do you see the difference? Even if the people paying for it get 10% value from it and the people who don’t pay for it only get 0.1% value from it, the net amount of value expressed to the world is still bigger giving it away from free in this example.

    I’m not saying I’m going to give away everything for free, but I just wanted to explain my thinking on this one.

    Thanks for your valuable feedback. I’m sure many others had similar questions.

  • @Sindre: Hi Sindre! Wow, all the way out in Norway! That’s awesome. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the eBooks. Good luck on your blog. Keep writing and keep sharing!

  • Wow, Paul, you reply to Dipo was a blog entry in itself, and a really good one at that! Your example of the cards was really clear – so simple, and so illuminating. If you haven’t already, I’d suggest posting this on Steve’s forums as I really think it will help a lot of people who are still struggling with the concept.

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. Your response did help, and it got me reflecting on the issue again… I like to make a distinction between my “life” and my “life circumstances”. My “life” is the core part of me that is connected to and aligned with Source energy, whereas my “life circumstances” are external physical manifestations, anything from money and possessions to businesses that I create etc. For me personally, I feel so aligned with Source energy that everything I do comes from that place – I can’t not be a lightworker, it is who I am at the deepest level of my being. In your reply to my question, you spoke about “the intention that you start with from the get go”.

    What I was having trouble reconciling with this (and still am, I think!) was the idea of creations for the sake of creation. In other words, if I am not identified with form, I can play with it and create whatever I choose, just “because”. So (using a literal example of “creating”), maybe the world would get most value from me if I made mugs for people to drink out of, but maybe one day I decide to make plates instead simply for the pure joy of creating them, because I can. Apart from my own pleasure and enjoyment of the creation process, no one obtains value from them in a traditional sense because they’re not needed (in this example, the world has plenty of plates!). And if I decide, after creating the plates, that I don’t want to do that anymore, then I choose differently and create something else which may or may not have value.

    So, I guess the questions are: Is what I just described actually a darkworker characteristic (creating things purely for one’s own enjoyment, because you can)? Or, if I am a lightworker at the core of my being, does this colour everything that I do, even such creating for its own sake, with the consequence that I may not see any direct value from my activities, but perhaps there is value nevertheless added to the world that I cannot see (e.g. I am happy, and I spread this energy in the world, which affects people, or I learn something from creating plates that I apply without maybe even realising to another project from which more obvious value is derived, or or…).

    Now I’ve written a blog entry too! Thank you for letting me bounce this off you!

  • @Mags | Woo-Woo Wisdom: If you identify your true passion and purpose in life and it’s coming from your True Self, you will always be in alignment with bringing the most value to the world, regardless whether you’re Blogging for a living, helping in a soup kitchen, making mugs or making plates.

    Trying to “figure out” what the world needs and thinking “Well I’m really passionate about making plates, but there seems to be a lot of plates already out there…” assumes that the actions you take such as MAKING PLATES or MAKING MUGS are the difference between the lightworker/darkworker polarity. In fact it is the INTENTION behind the actions that’s the difference. Does that make sense?

    It’s almost like you’re trying to identify something to “do” out there that you will feel brings the most value to the world. For example, lets say you felt passionate about Ant Farms but thought that in the great scope of things Ant Farms are a stupid thing to spend your life on compared to some of these other, bigger, more “important” causes like being a brain surgeon or something. Well, you’re looking at the DOING part as the value in your work, in which case one could argue that making Ant Farms is not as important as Brain Surgery, but MY view on this is that it is not WHAT we do, it is the INTENTION behind what we do that’s important.

    In essence I guess what I’m saying in this silly example is a person who’s totally passionate about their purpose in life as an Ant Farm maker who has the INTENTION to help the world provides MORE VALUE than an unmotivated, passionless brain surgeon who went into brain surgery because it carried with it the highest paycheck. Once again, before someone jumps on my back saying that now I’m saying brain surgeon’s are darkworkers, I’m not. All I’m saying is that it is the INTENTION behind the act that’s important, not the act.

    I for one would not want to be operated on by a brain surgeon who’s primary motivation for becoming a brain surgeon was simply because it makes way more money than something else. Hope that helps to clarify.

  • @Mags | Woo-Woo Wisdom: By the way, regarding posting this on Steve’s site. I’d rather not split the conversation into two by having to answer the same questions on there as I’m already answering here, but if you’d like to post a link to this article on Steve’s site so people can read through the conversation on here if they like, that’d be cool.

  • Thomas says:

    @Paul: Brilliant. You are one step ahead. You’ve got to polarize if you want to accomplish anything.

  • Dipo Tepede says:

    Hi Paul,

    Thank you for taking time to explain; I really appreciate it.

    I fully comprehend your perspective now and I concur with it.

    Thanx again

  • @Dipo: Glad to be of service. Thanks for your support!


  • Thanks again, Paul – that really helped me to clarify things! I appreciate all your help.

  • Pingback: Excellent article on lightworkers/darkworkers

  • Elijah says:

    A verse of mine from a song written and recorded a couple months back..

    “f*** broke again, seems I cant get ahead
    another job gone, another night head to bed
    yellow to red, stop, ignore the fellow who said
    that money brings happiness, now he’s dead
    9 to 5, 5 to 9, 365, monetary stress to rest invest if I could
    minimal leeway knock me out like a TKO
    pull myself up above the he say, she say
    ask the DJ what he made last night, nothing
    cause he’s still got a day job fronting
    im trying to make something that I can depend on
    yearning for the earning, yet im learning that im dead wrong
    i dont need no money to be what i want to be
    long is the list of reasons, Im 27 still teething, better believe in
    that hopefully my next check will be from this song…”

    money comes money goes, yup, thats right
    money comes money goes, yup, thats life

    I know its sort of against the grain to be posting rap lyrics on a blog.. but I felt inspired…
    Im an insurance broker by day, music producer by night, and internet marketing by early morning…

    and every few months i struggle between the lightworker and darkworker paths… such great titles as well!

    Im really digging the lightworker concept.. it makes so much sense… Ive always been a light worker when it came to my music, and working with and developing artists… i did it for the love, and believed that the money would follow.. and it has.

    during my day job, ive always been a darkworker… working strictly in a linear mental state… work less, make more, now…

    Great post.

    this is my second day on this blog, and everything ive read has made me think… good job!

  • Thomas says:

    @Paul: So what you are saying is, that if I’m willing to work without getting payed, it must be because my intention is pure lightworking, i.e. giving? That would mean that I would have access to high energy, because I would do it without the money flowing back to me. So if I push all my energy away from me (i.e. giving) I’m creating a vacuum that will be filled somehow.
    The intention of making money seems like the way of a darkworker. It’s still a paradox to me. Why should I ever focus on making money then, wouldn’t that shortcircuit my energy? Shouldn’t I just trust that the universe will provide me with what I want?

  • @Thomas: It is not the thing that you do that matters, but rather the intention behind WHY you do what you do.

    For example, if Mother Teresa had the intention of helping 1,000,000 refugees and needed to raise 100,000,000 dollars and she went and talked to the president asking for $100,000,000 she could still be a lightworker even if she’s not offering any direct value to the president for the $100,000,000 she’s asking for. Does that illustrate it any better? It is the INTENTION behind the act, not the act that you need to look at.

  • Hi Paul, very good article. We can watch you step by step, but it boils down to provide value and share it. Concentrate on doing that.

    I gave the article a Stumble. Good job!

  • Thanks!

  • oingreen says:

    This is a much-needed topic for LightWorkers. I wish I would have seen it earlier, though maybe the discussion can start up again.

    Paul, your example of the people choosing jobs based on their passions or affinities, versus what would make the most money. Excellent example.

    One additional factor is that jobs can be temporary, jobs can be stepping stones, or jobs can be part time. So if someone traded stocks, that might allow them to be able to eventually take massage courses, or to start a Lightworking-oriented business or co-op or charity. So the aspect of working at a job that isn’t a passion, doesn’t exclude also doing what is a passion… and it could even help better enable you to follow your passions.

    It seems that a job doesn’t need to be all-or-nothing, or exclusive. Someone could be a stock trader for a period of time, and be an active Lightworker (directly providing help or service) for some time also. Trading could be done for half the day, or every other week, etc…. and the financial resources it produced could help Lightworking during the other times.

    Balancing Lightworking and money-making seems an important aspect.

    Just imagine if Lightworkers had twice as much income… we could make many changes, build many centers, fund events, etc.

  • @oingreen: Absolutely. For a period of time, during a transition phase it might be a good idea to have a job to finance your “Lightworker Path”.

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