101 Tips to Help You Make Money Doing What You Love

  1. Cut Out TV Time – Instead of watching other people doing what they love (actors, athletes, etc.) while you sit on the couch, why not invest the time into becoming an Inspired Money Maker. The average US home has the TV on for over 3,000 hours per year. A 40 hour/week job is only 2,000 hours per year.
  2. Read “Think and Grow Rich”
  3. Have a Sense of Humor
  4. Be Yourself
  5. Don’t Hide Yourself – Be Accessible
  6. Visualize Your Goals Daily
  7. Have an Opinion
  8. Compliment People
  9. Stop Letting Fancy Sounding Coffee Steal Your Dreams – $5.50 coffee and snacks each day cost you $2,000/year. That could be invested into your Inspired Money Maker dreams instead. Use the money to start a business, purchase equipment, take courses, go to a seminars, etc.
  10. Learn to Listen
  11. Be a Simplifier, Not a Complicator
  12. Learn From Your Mistakes, But Don’t Be Afraid to Make Them
  13. Be Humble
  14. Read “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace Wattles
  15. Get Excited
  16. Be Original. Be Grateful. Be courageous.
  17. Be Unreasonable
  18. Stop Being Negative – Stop justifying that you’re just being realistic. See things as they really are, not worse than they are. Then, take it a step further and see things better than they are.
  19. Take Action
  20. Be Nice to People
  21. Create Your Own Luck
  22. Stop Pretending to be a Victim
  23. Don’t Worry What Others Think, That’s Their Business
  24. Learn to Master Your Habits
  25. Do Something New
  26. Use Affirmations Daily
  27. Beat the Odds – When you encounter an obstacle, realize that each obstacle you get through with your determination also eliminates 80% of your competition. Keep going, don’t give up and your odds will improve every step of the way.
  28. Just Do It
  29. Believe in Yourself – Nobody else is going to do it for you. Start now, in this moment.
  30. Don’t be Good, Don’t be Great, Be Outstanding
  31. Never Stop Growing
  32. Give to Get
  33. Plant Your Flag, Commit to the Inspired Money Maker Path
  34. Connect With Your Spirit Guides
  35. Don’t Talk Small About Yourself
  36. Avoid Bureaucracy
  37. Focus Your Energy
  38. Read Books
  39. Invest in the Tools You’ll Need – Stop being cheap and invest in the tools you may need to succeed.
  40. Have Integrity
  41. Always Be Creating Your Story
  42. Start an Idea Journal, Capture Everything
  43. Pay Attention to Your Dreams
  44. Assume You Won’t Live Forever, The Time To Do This is NOW
  45. Don’t Gossip, Network – Cut out wasted time gossiping on the phone with your friends. Instead, get your friends into making money doing what they love and then each hour you spend on the phone will be networking towards both of you growing your Inspired Money Maker ventures.
  46. Aim to Improve the Universe. Think Big
  47. Don’t Give Up
  48. Get a Psychic Reading
  49. Make it Fun
  50. Trust Your Gut – When it comes to logic vs intuition. Go with your gut, then justify it with logic later.
  51. Believe in Others
  52. Skip the Party, Work on Your Dreams Instead
  53. Challenge the Status Quo
  54. Learn a Positive Word Every Day
  55. Get Help Where Needed – Don’t try doing everything yourself. If you need web-design, hire a web designer. If you need logo design, hire a logo designer. If you need accounting done, hire an accountant. Try not to do too much yourself. Focus on what you love doing and find a way to monetize it.
  56. Instill Confidence in Others
  57. Email a Stranger, Propose a Win / Win Relationship
  58. Take Time to Relax
  59. Start a Blog and Document Your Journey
  60. Digg, Stumble, Bookmark this Post and Get 9,639 Universal Karma Points :)
  61. Model Successful People – Read biographies, books, Blogs. Study successful people. Find someone who’s already accomplished what you want to accomplish and model their beliefs, their behaviors etc.
  62. Replace Your Bathroom Reader with a Self-Help Book
  63. Take Two Weeks Off Work, Stay Home and Work on Your Inspired Money Maker Plans. Tell Everyone Else You’re Out of the Country.
  64. Repeat Your Affirmations In Your Head Until You Fall Asleep at Night
  65. Choose Financial Abundance, Stop Believing that Money is a Dirty Word
  66. Compete With Yourself, Not Others
  67. Smile and Make People Laugh
  68. Make and Carry Your Personal Business Cards
  69. Be Polite, But Don’t Be Afraid to Express Yourself Either
  70. Don’t Waste Time on Stupid Crap – Does your desk really need to be cleaned again this week? Do your books really need to be alphabetically arranged?
  71. Watch What People Do, Not What they Say They Do
  72. Help Someone Out
  73. Think “How Do I Increase My Income by $10,000” not “How Do I Cut Expenses by $100”
  74. Be Nice to Yourself
  75. Get Rid of Stinkin Thinkin – Stop the endless negative chatter in your mind. Re-focus your internal questions on the positive.
  76. Enjoy the Journey
  77. Network with People You Feel Comfortable With
  78. Don’t Use Your Kids as an Excuse
  79. Learn to Forgive – Stop wasting energy holding grudges. Forgiving someone is not the same as condoning whatever they did. It is simply letting go of the pent up negative energy inside you because it doesn’t serve you anymore. Let it go.
  80. Try Immersion Learning
  81. Find a Mentor / Coach, Don’t Let Lack of Money Be Your Excuse
  82. Give Referrals, Ask for Referrals
  83. Don’t Complain. Put the Violin Away. Nobody Wants to Hear It
  84. Stop Looking for Shortcuts. Steady Wins the Race.
  85. Share Your Success with Others
  86. Don’t Hang Around Negative People. Hang Out With Other Inspired Money Makers
  87. Buy Wrinkle Free Dress Pants – Saves you time on having to iron them
  88. Don’t Believe Your Excuses
  89. Write in a Journal
  90. Don’t Underestimate the Fear of Success
  91. Be Decisive
  92. Meditate
  93. Convert Your Car Into a Personal Development University – Turn off the Radio and Listen to Audio Courses and Seminars in the Car
  94. Hire Someone to Mow the Lawn, Work On Your Dreams Instead
  95. Sleep When You’re Dead – Stop sleeping 8-12 hours a day. Try 6 hours / night for 30 days and see how you feel. Most people sleep so much because they’re depressed about their life. Work on being an Inspired Money Maker and you won’t want to sleep.
  96. Use Law of Attraction
  97. Send Gifts to People
  98. Ask for What You Want – Erase the fantasy from your head that others should know what you want. Ask for what you want, always. Stop talking about what you didn’t get, and focus on what you want.
  99. Work on Your Communications Skills
  100. Have Patience – Everything won’t come all at once. Have the patience to trust that everything will come at it’s perfect time.
  101. Seek Answers Within

110 Responses to 101 Tips to Help You Make Money Doing What You Love

  • Fitz says:

    Very nice post. I specially love number 60. :) But in fairness, I dugged and stumbled this post even before I read that item.

  • Olaus says:

    48. Get a Psychic Reading


  • Yujin says:

    Very helpfull tips. I am reading Think and Grow Rich now :-)

  • Anon says:

    A 40 hour/week job is only 2,000 hours per week. <— should be year i think :) nice post though

  • @Fitz: Number 60 is there because of Number 98. :)

  • Nice article, Paul.

    It would be a bit of a challenge for me to apply them ALL at once, but I HAVE replaced the newspaper in my toilet with a good book!

    Hope you don’t mind me mentioning it, but there’s a little error in Tip #1. Surely you don’t mean 2,000 hours a week? :)


  • Matt Garrett says:

    Excellent post!

    I’d like to add one more though: –

    102. Start a Blog and write about your progress towards your goal, it’s a great “accountability” exercise and can keep you on track if you start to lose your way or falter, imho.
    Matt Garrett

  • @Anon: Fixed. It was a case of #12 and #95 working together. ;)


  • Simes says:

    Full of vagueness and cliches. Little real, useful content.

  • @Simes: They’re very useful if you actually follow them.

  • Herb Sewell says:

    Olaus beat me to it: “#48. Get a Psychic Reading… WTF?”

    How serious are you on this point and if you are, how seriously do you expect anyone to follow your advice? I don’t see “be sardonic” in your list, so perhaps you meant to say “waste your time and money on superstitious charlatanry”.

  • @Herb Sewell: Two years ago, I would be right there with you Herb, completely skeptical and labeling all psychics as charlatans. Having studied magic and mentalism with a professional magician for over two years also added to my skepticism especially since I saw first hand how “secret magician techniques” like cold reading etc. can be used to give the appearance of psychic abilities, when in fact it’s all just “trickery”.

    However, today, after doing some investigating and personal testing I am convinced that there are people out there with real abilities. I’ll definitely admit that probably the most majority of the “commercial psychics” like the psychic hotlines and stuff are all scams, but if you dive into the world of “psychics” a bit and do a bit of reading you’ll actually find out that the real psychics out there hate those frauds just as much as we do.

    In any case, there is absolutely nothing I can say here that could ever convince you that the possibility of psychic powers is real, because there was nothing I read that convinced me. The only real way to get convinced is to try it out for yourself. That’s what I did. I wrote a post about it on my old blog if anyone’s interested in reading: http://www.selfhelpwisdom.com/index.php/2007/08/01/an-interview-with-a-psychic/

    So, in short, to answer your question, I am completely serious about #48.

    Before you judge me as an idiot for falling for such “crap”, look around and see who else out there believes in psychics. You may be surprised what you find.

  • Ibrahim says:

    Inspiring overall but can’t agree with number 95 — “Stop sleeping 8-12 hours a day. Try 6 hours.” You mean to say that we should all be a walking cash register zombie? I thought sleeping 8 or 9 hours was healthy. You seem to also have forgotten one thing that’s more important than “Automated Teller Machine” or NASDAQ life: HEALTH. In fact I should say that health wellness and being satisfied with whatever you have, will make you live a fuller, longer life — not thinking, talking, reading, eating, blogging, learning, smiling, listening, etc etc – to do what? – to zero in on making (‘scratch the head’) MONEY.

  • @Ibrahim: Researchers have actually found that too much sleep is unhealthy for us. I believe current research points to 7hours/night as optimal but most people try to go for 8-12hours/night. This research study (http://www.cbc.ca/health/story/2007/09/24/sleep-study.html ) done last September shows that your chance of dying increases by almost two-fold by sleeping 8+ hours compared to 7 hours.

    In either case, I personally think that the optimal number is different for each person. I used to sleep 8+ hours every night and I was always tired, feeling like I needed 10 hours or more. By personally experimenting I have always found that FOR ME 6 hours is optimal. When I wake up after 6 hours, I feel rested, I feel alert and I’m not tired.

    At 5 hours/night I found myself too tired. 7 hours was ok, but I still found 6 hours to work best for me. Whether it’s 6 hours or 7 hours per night, that’s still much less than the 8-12hours most people think is “Healthy”.

    Keep in mind, also, that I’m just providing these tips to help you BECOME an Inspired Money Maker, where you leave your “JOB” and make money doing what you love. It’s that transition period where you may have to work your JOB but also be working on a side-business that I am referring to. Once you complete the transition and are making enough money to support yourself doing what you love, feel free to sleep however long you want.

    I also strongly believe in #17. :) I’ve never met any “reasonable” people who make money doing what they love.

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  • Reda says:

    I think we need to add “physical exercise once or twice a week”. It’s a must for me.

  • Joy says:

    Great post, Paul. I already follow almost all of them, down to the 6-hours sleep and psychic reading. I didn’t believe that much in the latter, but more than 10 years ago I remember getting one. I make my own luck, but it’s still interesting that what happened still roughly matched the ‘predictions’. My optimal sleeping time is also 6 hours. Anything beyond that screws up my productivity. That gives me more time to read, too.

  • @Joy: Getting a reading done can be sometimes useful when you’re stuck. I hear’ya on the 6hour thing. Sometimes I like to sleep in and get like 8hours of sleep, but typically I best function on 6.

  • Moe says:

    well the post is great loved it. but # 48. Get a Psychic Reading is a no no for me. i will never do that. i don’t believe that anyone can tell the future but i do believe that some people have really good intuition. in any case i have my reasons for not doing this one. the sleep thing i do agree with you on but it will be hard to get in that pattern. every thing else is great………. thank you very much for this post.

  • Mikale says:

    First: Great list ! And lots to choose from for those who can’t abide by the entire 101.

    However, at the risk of taking some flak, I’m a little surprised by your reason for #48… But not because because psychic readings work or don’t work. I guess my reasons for including it would be different… To take us out of our comfort zone. Or to take a step “out of the box.” Or maybe just to build some synaptic connections by doing something new. But, hey, it is YOUR list.

    And one comment regarding the achievement of success… I believe that we don’t need to chase after success. Opportunity will often visit us, and we just need to recognize and follow it.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  • @Moe: You don’t need to limit your experience with a psychic only to telling you the future. Perhaps you don’t want to know, or don’t care about that. You could just use them to give you a more insightful/intuitive reading on the present. It’s hard to explain without going through the actual experience, but they don’t have to be reduced to the stereotypical fortune teller with a crystal ball you see in the movies.

  • @Mikale: Absolutely, those were all part of the reason I decided to explore psychic readings in the first place. I’m always striving to push the limits of exploration in anything self-improvement related.

  • balu says:

    I felt it is new but intresting. I’m 45 yr. old man and till today I never dream to make too much money, but when I read your page I feel that I have to look in to this matter seriously. I feel that from your 101 tips, I can correct many things in my routine life.
    thank you very much
    with regards

  • Steve883 says:

    Excellent post!
    I’d like to add one more though: –
    103. Exercise and stay healthy

  • Ace Andres says:

    #48, surprises me also. Doesn’t Wallace Wattles say in his own words:

    Also, do not dabble in theosophy, spiritualism, or kindred studies. Perhaps the dead still live
    and are near, but if they are, let them alone; mind your own business.
    Wherever the spirits of the dead may be, they have their own work to do, and we have no right to
    interfere with them. We cannot help them, and it is very doubtful whether they can help us, or whether
    we have any right to trespass upon their time if they can. Let the dead and the hereafter alone, and solve
    your own problem: Get rich. If you begin to mix with the occult, you will start mental cross-currents
    which will surely bring your hopes to shipwreck

    Ace Andres

  • @Steve883: Since writing the post, I’ve already come up with a few dozen more in my mind. Perhaps I’ll write 101 More Tips and yes, staying healthy is important.

  • @Ace Andres: Psychic readings don’t have to have anything to do with talking to dead spirits. I know that’s the first thing some people do when they go to see a psychic, but I don’t.

    For example, a few months back whenever I would set an income goal and put energy into working on the InspiredMoneyMaker.com Blog, I would start to see money flowing back to me, but not from the Blog but from my other projects. Every time I would exert energy here, I would almost immediately start to see a “flow” back in another project. That confused the crap out of me. So during my reading I asked if I’ve got some kind of block when it comes to this Blog.

    The response I got was that I have to stop worrying about it, and just allow the “flow” to come from whatever source. I was told that there is no block beyond my own worries. So I stopped worrying about it, and just started to focus on building the best Blog I could. Since then, the “flow” has started to come from the Blog.

    I think a lot of people have a complete misconception of what a psychic reading can be like. If you feel more comfortable with it, you could think of them as highly intuitive life coaches.

  • Colin says:

    Great post, very inspiring. There are so many things on that list I could apply to my life. Starting now I’m cutting out all the pointless websites that I visit several times a day out of my life.

    This was actually the perfect time for me to read this article. I have a hobby I really enjoy that has money potential behind it, I’m just always putting it off.

  • Yannis says:

    Great list, It’s true about cutting out TV. You can use it to entertain your self but don’t over do it. Read more, expand your mind.
    Love what you do and the money will come.

  • “Stop justifying that you’re just being realistic. See things as they really are, not worse than they are. Then, take it a step further and see things better than they are.”

    I am pretty sure this mindset is at the heart of why the entire culture is becoming unsustainable. Should we really try to make money and motivate ourselves at the expense of reality through purposeful delusion? Sounds more like a recipe for disaster than success in the long run.

  • @SystemsThinker: Every “realist” thinks optimism is a recipe for disaster. But then again, making money doing what you love is an “unrealistic” goal in itself, since the vast majority of people make money working at jobs they can barely stand.

    Therefore, the only people who would even attempt to make money doing what they love are optimists, and therefore the list I wrote is for them. Perhaps one day in the future when the majority of people are making money doing what they love, the concept will become “realistic” to pursue and then our “realistic” brothers can join us in the endeavor. Until then, I’m afraid that the only people who do end up making money doing what they love will be optimists, because they’re the only ones who even tried. :)

  • Sue says:

    Loved this list………..I have started my own as I’m switching gears for the last half of my life. I’m choosing to do things I love, while having a life I love too. What a switch from the first half!

    Thanks for your blog, I love it!

  • Ibrahim says:

    Still, in spite of the UK study you posted, I prefer 8 hours – not 6 hours (besides it doesn’t say 6 hours, it says 7 hours). Additionally, the fact that extended sleeping hours can cause problems to your body, including obesity, is NOT news. I have known that culturally (I don’t even know since when) and through observation in my country.

    Bu that is not to say that you should read Stephen King late into the night till 1:00 AM and wake up at 7:00AM — no no. You are physically and mentally conditioned that way because you live in the West with all its pressures on your time and SPEED. The list you have here could probably add to that demand (if not used in a proper way) because that’s the way things are structured over here. Nothing comes easy and free.

    Besides (as an aside) my personal opinion is: ‘do not anchor your life to a medical study that will or can change 10 years from now.’ They say one thing today and by the time you are 50 they will come up with another new finding that nullifies what they have said today. In spite of their technical jargon and all the heaps of crap they put out, you are safer using/sifting these findings in combination with the time-honored traditional and alternative methods.

    To finish, I will tell you what the best way is: go to sleep at 9:00 or 10:00PM and rise at 5:00 or 6:00. Go outside and breathe the early morning fresh air and EXERCISE (more important than reading), observe or drain yourself in nature — the further outside the cities the better. If you can find time, start learning languages — it will open up your mind more than or about the same as any solitary philosophical reading you will engage yourself in. ( — I would advise you to add health and languages to your list — ‘forgetting the clock’ would have been great as well but it’s unthinkable in the West)

    Old adage— Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise — still holds.

    Please follow this google video link from TED:http://video.google.ca/videosearch?q=Carl+Honore&hl=en&sitesearch=#

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  • @Ibrahim: I can’t go to sleep at 9:00 or 10:00pm, as that is exactly the time when my brain turns on. If I try, I just lie there staring at the ceiling.

    In Ayurvedic Medicine there are three sleep cycles. It sounds like you’re a Kapha, which means you probably function best from 6am-10am and then from 6pm-10pm, and then you need to sleep.

    I function best between 10am-2pm and then from 10pm-2am myself, which fits in with the “Pitta” cycle in Ayurvedic medicine.

    In any case, I think you’re misunderstanding what I’m saying in my list anyways. Get to the point where you’re loving your life, loving what you do for a living, and making money doing what you love and you won’t WANT to sleep 12 hours anymore. Most people feel they need to sleep so long because they are depressed and they hate their job. It’s not about speeding up your life, sleeping less and less. I don’t even have an alarm clock beside my bed, I just wake up when my body feels rested, which – for me – seems to be about 6hours after I go to bed.

    About 10 years ago when I hated my job and I was depressed with my life, I used to sleep for 12 hours at a time and still wake up tired.

  • J says:

    #101. GET OFF THE INTERNET. It’s worse than TV. Seriously.

  • J says:

    Oops. Meant #102.

  • @J: I try not to offer advice I don’t follow myself. If you’re on the Internet for entertainment purposes, I agree that it can be a huge time-waster, but there is also a lot of positive sides to the Internet, so I wouldn’t offer a tip like that myself. I definitely wouldn’t say that it is *worse* than TV though…

  • Laura says:

    This list starts off with some pretty good tips and is almost a great site. The trouble is it gets redundant very quickly. If rather than going for volume of suggestions, it aimed at core principles (paring down a group of 5-7 repetitive principles into one core principle), then I’d have read to the end and perhaps come back to the site. As it is, the nuggets are buried too much in chaff. So I decided to move on rather than read the whole thing. I hope this comment is useful to you. I think it is a really nice what you’re sharing here. Best!

  • Paul,

    Will it matter if the optimists made money if their optimism was based on delusion and greater issues of sustainability, which were not considered due to an unwillingness to face challenging issues of limits, have created far deeper problems for us than that money can address?

  • Luna says:

    I laugh at “Stop being negative”. Something like an oxymoron.

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  • Great tips! Deserve to become a start up page in my browser :)

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  • Craig says:

    Ive stumbled many pages like this and altough they all say pretty much the same thing, i carnt help but read them all! Lets face it, everyone has problems, you have to make them your best friends….. they will always be with you! money solves problems, most problems can be solved by throwing money at it! Money makes life better and it is everything, the only people who say it isnt are either born with so much of it of dont have the balls to make it! Most of what is written we already know deep iside us and a voice has been saying the same things in ur heads for too long, but it really is a great inspriation to see it in black and wite! If u follow all the instructions or as many as you can, your life will be better, if you read it and thing yea its good and dont do anything about it…… youll never reach your full potential and when the chips are down, its all on you! Recipie for succesess!

  • Craig says:

    All the see a physic crap and seeing a sprit guide is not the way forward, in fact its the opposite! the whole article screams trust yourself and that your own destiny is in your own hand, why put trust and faith in bullshit people who say they know your future and luck, when clearly its all abut making your own luck!

  • AWESOME LIST, especially #26!

    Well done! Bookmarked too!

    Keith Johnson
    Technical Writer & Author “365 Great Affirmations”
    Hallandale Beach, Florida, USA

  • Lennu says:

    OMG, you Americans are sick.

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  • Sparky says:

    One of the best is number 2. Read “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. In the mid 1980s a friend of mine suggested this book. His goal was to become extremely wealthy at a young age. This book inspired him. I read it and it inspired me too. Yes, I am successful and I suggest anyone reading this comment to buy the book and READ it. You won’t regret it. Also, it can be applied to other goals besides money.

  • Jeret says:

    Yep,That makes a blog legit posting every comment.Duh

  • Ben Koshkin says:

    Isn’t number 48 disqualified by number 70? Otherwise it is a nice list
    – Benjamin Koshkin -

  • One could say that number 70 disqualifies the act of reading such lists. cheers – mike adkinson -

  • Jurgen says:

    Thanks a lot I am making money with doing what I love!

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  • penantang says:

    4 me, #76 is the best. Because making money online is need time and it’s not a 1 night journey.

  • Rigdha says:

    Great List Paul. Being an organization “freak” I get stuck on number 70 quite a bit :)
    Thanks for the amazing list,

  • Mandy says:

    Just stumbled across this list and must say I think your list is great!
    But I feel the need to add my own input in regards to number 48.
    In a nutshell though I could spend hours trying to explain…..
    I am a developing Medium and Psychic as such.But it simply is not something I boast about.In my own opinion “seeing” the future is not something i believe in offering when i read for people – simply for the reasons that we have free choice in each of our lives and therefore the future is always able to change due to the choices we make..
    For me when i give a reading for someone I like that person or persons to be able to walk away happy with a smile on their face.
    And yes I agree there are many fakes out there that I find difficult to accept.
    I always try to remind myself of faith, hope, understanding, tolerance and acceptance of another’s beliefs also.
    One other thing is that all of us are born Psychics and as we grow older sometimes due to our thoughts we can lose this ability or rather we can simply not realize it or choose not to- I dislike it being called a gift – but we can relearn this ability if our path takes us this way later on in life.
    Simply its a matter of being aware.
    I hope this makes sense or clarifies any misunderstood thoughts.
    Sometimes simply not understanding something is harder to accept.
    So for the reason of feeling great and positive thats why I agree with #48.
    And for those asking the question – my accuracy is pretty well spot on up to date….
    Have a great day

  • nigel says:

    I loved this post. Actually inspired me to get started right away. Just made a blog so I can talk about the personal project im going to do.


  • sir jorge says:

    winning the lottery would be my #1

  • Subhash says:

    It is Excellent Post,I would like to suggest to read this post daily morning for a month this will this bring change in self developmet and your surrounding.

  • Trev says:

    I am confused a bit about the Be unreasonable. Could you expand on this thought?
    Thanks. Love the list by the way.

  • @Trev: Sure Trev.

    What I mean by “Be Unreasonable” is simply not to allow other people’s definition of “reasonable” to stop you from achieving your dream of making money doing what you love.

    For example, John Chow and Steve Pavlina are both Bloggers who literally sit at home, write some articles about random stuff and post them on their Blogs and get paid over $30,000 PER MONTH to do that. Is that reasonable? I don’t think so.

    Imagine if you were the first Blogger and nobody else has ever done it before, and you told one of your friends “I think I am going to start a Blog and make $30,000/month from it.” They would probably laugh at you and say you’re crazy. Your mom might say “Cmon…be reasonable son… you should go to college and get a degree and then get a good job with a good salary with benefits.”

    See what I mean? My point is simply that in all the different business ventures I’ve done and all the things I’ve accomplished, I had to do things differently from the norm. A lot of times I’ve had people tell me that my expectations, my work hours, my intentions, my understanding of reality etc. are all “unreasonable”. After a while, instead of trying to prove to everyone that I AM reasonable, I just realized it’s easier to agree with them and say “I know! I’m totally being unreasonable…that’s why I’m going to succeed so greatly and accomplish things that most people who are reasonable never will!”

    That usually shuts them up. :)

    Einstein wasn’t reasonable.
    Bill Gates wasn’t reasonable.
    The Google guys weren’t reasonable.

    If you want to be reasonable and be like everyone else, the reality is that you will probably never make money doing what you love. Being reasonable means working Monday to Friday, 9 – 5 at some job you hate for 45 years, and then at age 65 retiring Broke and having to go back to work at a fast food chain. That’s what being “reasonable” in life brings you. :)

    Hope that helps to clarify what I meant.

    • Ahmed says:

      I just want to say to Paul is that you are a very good man who understands things. I wish i had friends like you. Wish you good luck man

  • Janice says:

    How I love all the tips…
    Thanks to ever made this….

  • Good list. Becoming a success is hard work … even when it means slowing down.

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  • retief says:

    that is a Great Post . so that i wanna ask one question how do i to do as what you said .
    and to me … the problem is that i myself do not know what i should do to make money .
    i have not idea which way i can do ??? i think i can do that as your posted even more of them .
    thanks in advance .

  • @retief: Read my eBook ‘The Passion Project’. You can get it for free at the top of my page. It might help you.

  • Manny says:

    Hi Paul
    I was introduce to your blog by the niche store builder which feature one of your post “Making your First Dollar Doing what you Love”.
    Let me tell you that I immediatly was hooked in your blog, excellent and interesting reading, respond well to controversial posters, very useful information and nuggets of wisdom. Overall – A+ blog, I bookmarked your blog.
    Keep it up.

  • Georgia says:

    I stumbled on this and gave it the thumbs up! I love stuff like this :) Excellent work.

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    good site,,,,,,,keep working

  • eovery says:

    Not surprised about #1. Limit TV, but use it wisely.


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  • Marianne says:

    Dear Paul,
    Thank you so much for your talent and hard work, your ability to articulate all of this is wonderful and something that I really needed to see. And I see from many of these comments that I’m not the only one that has to constantly deal with other people criticizing every detail of my words and actions, I am impressed with your determination and the way you handle them. They have always been my biggest obstacle in life, negative people more concerned with tripping me up than with their own lives. That said, I am learning by your example and posts, and I’m going to try and extricate complaining about them. Thanks again and please keep it up, you are needed!

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  • Jason says:

    One of these says don’t drink fancy coffee so you can cut your expenses. Then another says don’t think about cutting expenses… think about how to make more instead…. This is almost as contradictory as the one that says to seek answers from within (being that people who read this are seeking answers to questions about out how to live their life via some Joe Shmo’s internet post)

  • Kiefer says:

    Interesting list has some great points

    But if you did #2 and followed that example the majority of your list really isn’t necessary.

    That book changed my life.

    You left out take care of your health; it’s your most valuable asset.

    Without it money is meaningless!

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  • david lule says:

    thank you so much you real mentioned the reality of life i rely loved number 99
    just keep it up and be blessed

  • This post – 101 Tips to Help You Make Money Doing What You Love – is one of the master pieces and uniquely original post I have ever read on the Internet. You simply rock! Keep up the good work. You have an unique approach as far as blogging is concerned. I have read it two times and also bookmarked it. Going to read it quiet a number of times in the coming days to digest every point and remember them. Thanks for taking the pains to write it. I hope it will help the blogging community and specially the newbies.

  • Amy says:

    I love this one, read the whole post about spirit guides – thinking of buying the book :)

  • Learning says:

    Exactly what I needed for my paper. Thank you very much. I will post a link back to you when I have it done (maybe before Christmas).

  • sriram says:

    Excellent Post Information was helpful

  • Lizz says:

    i definetly needed to know some of those things. Instead of me being on facebook everyday i need to be think about how to get this money feel me!

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  • cha ni long says:

    nice one man i almost love number 60 … great.!!

  • chia in long says:

    nice one id almost love it .!! yourr cool man ,,, nice one dude i love it..!!!i always do that tips and now im so rich just in 3 years dude i gain 1,632,678 million in one year just for your tips thanks a lot ..!!!:)
    .-= chia in long´s last blog ..How to Attract the Right Success Strategy For Your Life =-.

  • Keylogger says:

    Paul just wanted to commend you on your extensive 101 list to help you make money doing what you love! Some really useful tips here! Just changing a few of my daily habits will hopefully help me make better use of my time. First off, I definately have to admit that I watch entirely too much tv. Secondly, instead of the crossword puzzle in the bathroom, I will replace it with one of the many books you recommended reading! All the best to you and your family and thanks again for the great tips!

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  • Ya te agregué al feed RSS, suerte!

  • Este blog me parece muy interesante, te agregaré a favoritos, sigue así!

  • This is one of the best pieces I have ever read anywhere. I printed and pasted it on my refrigerator and also placed it in my fitness centers for my clients to read. I have been getting pats at the back for that,all Thanks to you
    How to get a flat stomach anytime

  • I keep returning to this page to read it again. Really lovely and keeps me motivated

  • ravi says:

    Hi Guys,
    i am very happy to be with like minded people

  • Rags says:

    Really Man I first Appreciate you !!!! The thought of serving ideas to others won’t come out easily from within our heart ! And the thing u listed out in points serves helpful for me and many others !
    I don want to talk much as i have seen above comments going in paragraphs…. I simply want to appreciate you !

  • KURGAT says:

    Your piece is really hilarious.Having a sense of humor #3 ,will really aid in getting rid of #95,sleeping when you re dead because it might never happen to you which goes hand in hand in aiding you to make more.Wonderful work.

  • Kartik says:

    This is a superb read! Would internalize…Thanks

  • Joseph says:

    Found your blog very interesting. I just stumbled upon it because I was looking for new ideas to help motivate me and give me more topics to write about. But what I found here was more inspirational and I feel that it could help many people out there who may have lost their way and are trying to get back.

    I will be checking back in from time to time to see what other gems of insiration you might have to offer.

    Thanks, Joseph

  • Chris Hester says:

    This is a great list. I have always been a believer in the trust your gut concept

  • Chris Hester says:

    Big believer in the following your gut idea

  • Anaxa says:

    So important and nice but effective way of home earnings, Thanks for sharing.It is helpful for everyone.

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  • Manh Truong says:

    I really enjoy simply reading all of your weblogs. Simply wanted to inform you that you have people like me who appreciate your work. Definitely a great post. Hats off to you! The information that you have provided is very helpful

  • Great list, love the info. #70 and #84 is were I have problems. Look forward to reading more.

  • avafx says:

    For the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: ‘If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?’ And whenever the answer has been ‘No’ for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.

  • @Marianne: You’re very welcome. One thing you could change in your way of thinking that might help is to realize that if you’re not getting any “negative feedback” from someone, it probably means you’re not doing very much with your life. :) What I have experienced in life is that the more you put yourself out there and challenge people’s beliefs and ways of thinking to inspire them to grow, the more you’re going to run into people who are not yet ready to hear what you’re saying. It doesn’t mean you’re wrong or that they are wrong, it just means that you’re not yet resonating at the same level. Instead of trying to “prove” to yourself or anyone else that you’re right and “they” are wrong, it’s often best to just accept that there will be people out there who disagree with you…and that’s ok! One thing you’ll also find is that many of the “negative” people who will try to attack your ideas, very often don’t have very many of their own. It’s kind of like that one person in a group that doesn’t want to do anything that anyone suggests, yet has no suggestions of their own. :)

    Hope that helps.

  • @Jason: They aren’t mutually exclusive. You could easily save $100-$150/m by cutting out “fancy coffee”, and then use that money to help fund some type of new income stream that helps you make more money. I find a lot of people get stuck ONLY cutting expenses, without realizing that it’s sometimes easier to make more money than to cut an expense. On the same token, sometimes you may need a bit of money to invest in things that will help you to make money, and most people underestimate how quickly a few dollars per day adds up to.

    The same goes for seeking answers from within. I am simply bringing up the awareness of being able to seek answers from within yourself, not always from the “outside”. You can do both, can’t you? For example, you could consult with “experts” in a field and get varying opinions and then seek answers from within as to which path to take. The coffee example is a perfect example of this. For some people, they will need to cut down on some of their expenses, and for other people they’ll be better off making more money than trying to cut down expenses —- how will they know which is better for them? They seek for that answer within. I give them a few suggestions, their inner self tells them which is best for them.

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