New Blog Design Launched

After a month of patiently impatiently waiting for both my new Blog design and my new Mascot design, they are both finally finished! I’m super excited because I think both my Blog designers (Josh, Matt and Nate) at Unique Blog Designs and my Mascot designer (Lucas Savelli) at Wydstudios did a phenomenal job putting together the vision I had for the design.

The Mascot design was a tough concept to visualize at first. I wanted it to look like me and to convey my easy-going nature (jeans, t-shirt) as well as to incorporate some aspects of my personality. Anyone who knows me personally, and who has had the unfortunate privilege of helping me move last year will attest to the insane amount of books I have in my library. So for the background, I had to put some bookshelves with books on them.

Also, as I write this in the wee hours of the morning, my dog Kobe is passed out beside my desk. He’s always lying down or sleeping beside me as I blog so I had to include him in my Mascot design. Lucas did a fantastic job of capturing Kobe’s distinct features and that giant tongue of his. It’s actually even longer in real life. :P

Originally, one thing I really struggled with was how to incorporate the Inspired Money Maker concept into the Mascot design and we tried experimenting with having money somehow integrated into the picture. We toyed with the idea of having stacks of cash on the desk, representing the “money” aspect of the Inspired Money Maker, but that just looked cheesy in my opinion. In the end I just chose to make the Mascot look like me Blogging, and since I normally don’t keep stacks of cash around on my desk I chose to just have a book / journal on the desk instead. :)

Here’s the final product from Lucas:

Lucas was fun to work with and kept me up to speed on the progress of the Mascot every step of the way. It only took him a few sketches to illustrate the concept I was explaining to him in my emails. It’s amazing how the global economy has made it possible for me to work with an artist of his caliber on the other side of the world without ever having to leave the comfort of my home office.

I would definitely not hesitate to use Lucas for other artwork I might need done in the future, and I would definitely recommend his services if you are thinking about getting a Mascot design done. I spoke to Lucas and if you mention that you were referred to him by Paul at Inspired Money Maker, he’ll even give you a 10% discount.

Next, for my Blog Design I chose to work with the guys at Unique Blog Designs because I wanted to get a WordPress design that was unique and customized to my needs. Besides incorporating my Mascot into the design, there were also a lot of elements that I wanted to put into the design which are important for my plans to expand this Blog.

I’ve played with so many WordPress themes over the last few years I almost wanted to cry from frustration of not being able to find exactly what I was looking for. Each theme had elements I liked but just wasn’t quite exactly what I wanted. It was always a matter of compromising one thing for something else.

Since I’m completely serious and committed to growing this Blog to the next level now, I wanted to solidify that commitment by getting a Blog design done that didn’t require me to compromise on anything. Of course there are still a few tweaks I need to do in order to completely get everything setup properly, but that will get figured out over the next weeks or so.

Working with Josh, Matt and Nate was a painless process and I was actually really surprised how well the three of them were able to work together to come up with a concept that very closely matched exactly what I wanted, especially since we did the whole thing through email and by phone. The first draft that Matt sent me was almost perfect. I thought we might have to go back and forth on a few different designs before we settle on something that I like, but the first design only needed a few tweaks to make it exactly what I wanted.

I just want to thank Lucas at Wydstudios and Josh, Matt and Nate at Unique Blog Designs for the awesome job they all did in bringing my vision for this Blog to life.

Thanks guys!

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