Visualizing in the First Person

I’ve written quite a bit on the topic of Visualization.  Today I wanted to go into a little bit more detail relating to how to actually visualize, and especially as it relates to the topic of making money doing what you love.

Visualizing is a skill that most people are not automatically born with.  For most of us, the only thing we are able to “see” is what’s in front of us with our eyes open.  Most of us can’t close our eyes and visualize anything we desire.  Some people don’t even believe it is possible to visualize anything we don’t actually see with our eyes.

Let me assure you that it is possible to visualize anything you want, if you just work on it.  After all, have you ever had a dream?  Were the things in your dream really in front of you as you lay there in bed?  No, your eyes were closed but you “saw” something that in “real life” wasn’t there.

Now, having said that, there is something that I have discovered over time when it comes to visualization.  Not everyone visualizes using the modality of sight.  Some people can “visualize” things on a more intuitive level of just knowing something, or feeling something or hearing something a lot easier than they can “see” things.  For some, closing your eyes means all you “see” is black.  That doesn’t mean you’re not visualizing though.  Perhaps a better word than visualizing, which signifies the visual modality, would be to say “imagining”.

Whichever modality you’re more drawn to, whether it be sight, hearing, feeling, or just knowing is not important.  What is important while doing your visualizations is that you have them in the first person.

What does this mean?  Well, I’ll use myself as an example.  Let’s say I want to imagine/visualize my goal of becoming a Blogger.  It’s not good enough for me to just visualize/imagine some kind of projected 3rd person version of myself sitting on a chair in front of a computer Blogging.  What I have to do is actually visualize/imagine being within the skin of my body as I Blog.  Think of a first person video game model, instead of a 3rd person video game model.

You want your subconscious mind to see YOU being successful in what you want to do, not this other version of yourself.  If you’re visualizing yourself in 3rd person in your dream house walking around and you’re kind of standing far away just looking in, that does nothing to help the subconscious mind bring that dream to reality.  You’re effectively telling the subconscious “Look, there is a person that looks just like me living in a dream house I’ll never have.  Here I am on the sidewalk feeling crappy about how my life sucks, and there is that that person over there all happy inside his wonderful house.”

That’s not going to cut it.  You need to visualize YOURSELF inside that house, walking up and down the stairs, eating food cooked in your dream kitchen, sitting in the comfortable chairs in your home theater room, and enjoying a bowl of popcorn.

This is a very important and very often overlooked distinction that I’ve made the mistake on myself numerous times.  It’s not about visualizing someone who looks like you or some future version of yourself doing something you like.  It’s about visualizing YOURSELF participating in those activities.

So, if you want to become an inspired money maker doing what you love, you need to visualize yourself doing the activity you love doing and you need to visualize yourself getting paid for it.  Maybe that involves visualizing yourself holding a check for some dollar amount you want to make, or receiving some award or getting some kind of contract.  Whatever it is, just make sure you’re visualizing/imagining in the first person.

Stepping Into The Picture

A really cool visualizing technique I picked up from one of the Tony Robbins audio’s I have is this little process of stepping into your visualizations.  Lets say that you’re trying to visualize something in the first person but it just doesn’t feel right and you can’t do it.

Well, then what you can do is to visualize someone else doing it to begin with.  For example, lets say your passion in life is playing guitar and you’d love to be able to make money doing that.  What you would do is you would first visualize someone else playing guitar on stage or in front of a recording microphone, and then you would imagine that person changing into some other version of yourself.  So it’s you, but it’s not you…it’s a version of yourself that doesn’t have all the problems you have which are holding you back.

For example, lets say that you feel held back because you don’t have enough money to record an album.  Well, what you would do is imagine a different version of yourself who has the money to record an album.  Pretend it’s your twin brother who has everything he needs to do what he loves.  Now imagine that person doing what you love and making money with it.  Get really clear on that and hold that image.  Try to attach as much detail to it and just watch this person’s face and body posture and just watch them for a while making money doing what they love.

Pretend that you’re an observer and this person you’re imagining can’t see you.  Walk over and stand pretty close to them and keep watching as they continue to make money doing what they love.  If they do lots of different stuff, not just one activity that can be watched in one setting, then imagine teleporting into various scenes with this person doing the things you love to do and making money from it.

Then, slowly kind of walk behind the person and STEP INTO his or her body.  Almost like you’re a spirit taking over someone else’s body, except that in this visualization the person who’s body you take over doesn’t stop doing what they were doing.  You’re inside their body, looking at the world through their eyes, but they keep acting like you’re not there.  So if they were doing what they love before you stepped into their body, imagine them continuing to do that.

Hang around for a while and just see how it feels to be living inside a version of yourself that’s doing what they love and making money from it.

Then once you’re good at doing that, imagine yourself kind of taking over that life from them and continuing to live it.  So if they were going up on stage to perform every night, like you wish you could, then imagine yourself stepping into their body, taking over and performing every night on stage.

I did this once, visualizing a version of myself who’s a daily jogger and I watched him run for a while and then I snuck up behind him and “stepped into” his body and then I was inside his body running for a while in my visualization.  I can totally imagine this in my head as I’m writing this.  When I did this, it was a huge catalist to when I ran every day on my treadmill for 90 days straight without missing a day earlier in the year.

Try out this technique and you might be surprised how effective it is.

0 Responses to Visualizing in the First Person

  • Ace Andres says:


    I can do it.

  • Elijah says:

    That Tony Robbins audio is awesome, and I’m pretty sure it’s the same one that I’ve listened to.

    I can remember visualizing in the first person from a very young age, and I always found that when I visualize myself doing the things that I love, and I focus on them with positive affirmations they usually do become a reality.

  • Annie Clay says:

    Brilliant! I think teachers can sometimes take for granted that others can do what we can do and forget to break things down into small steps. Thank you for breaking this down into small steps.

  • @Annie Clay: No problem Annie, I really hope it helps you out. I especially loved the “stepping into” technique from Tony. The first time I heard it I was driving in my car, and we went through a health/exercise visualization… I got so pumped up and excited I wanted to pull the car over and jog home the rest of the way. :)

  • Leah says:

    I remember a few years ago finally asking a friend of mine if they could actually see things when they closed their eyes and imagined something. He said he could and thought everyone could. It’s something we don’t always talk about so it’s great that you’ve mentioned people ‘visualize’ in different ways. I usually ‘see’ something like it’s a memory at the back of my mind but the emotions are extremely tangible. Occassionally the picture will flash infront of my eyes. I am working on improving my visual in visualization! Lucid dreaming is useful for this as it gives you a sensation of what it is like to fully ‘see’ something that isn’t there in waking reality and be conscious all at the same time.

  • yes, visualization does not only mean that we have to image, instead , to use hearing or feeling is better for some people. I prefer more feeling than just imaging.

  • Jacob says:

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for bringing my awareness to the first-person aspect of visualisation, it’s something I have previously overlooked. Thinking about it now, I sometimes do visualise in 1st-person, but sometimes in 3rd-person. I think that 1st-person visualisations probably have been more effective in the past for me.

    BTW What’s the name of the Tony Robbins audio you mentioned? Sounds awesome!


  • @Jacob: Oh man, I can’t remember right now. I have like every multimedia program he put out so I can’t remember which one it was. Maybe you can find a clip on YouTube or something by searching for visualizing or goal setting workshop.

  • “…I ran every day on my treadmill for 90 days straight without missing a day earlier in the year.”

    In all seriousness, why the heck would you do that terrible thing to your body and your heart specifically?

  • @Christoph Dollis: Why would running on a treadmill be a terrible thing for my body or my heart?

    To answer your question though, I mostly did it as an exercise in discipline over my Ego and learned a lot.

  • To be honest I have to use visualizing more, and one thing that I’ve noticed is for example when I want to manifest more beautiful women in my life …is that I can see their bodies, but not their faces. There are to many beautiful womens in the world and lots of beautiful faces ….what do you think about this ?

  • Carlos says:

    Hi there,

    Can anyone help me on how to visualize in the 1st person.

    I find when i visualize it always starts off in the third person ie me looking at me looking at the scene in front of me.

    This is frustrating as i want to feel, see, hear and be a part of the scene yet feel so left out.

    Can anyone help please on how to visualize in the 1st only.



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