Energy Vampires – Why We Attract Them

Do you avoid certain people because every time you get around them you feel like they’ve sucked all the energy right out of you?

Are you attracting more and more people who want your help, but then find your own energy levels exhausted and run dry?

Do energy vampires really exist?

There is a misconception amongst some Spiritual teachers and Law of Attraction practitioners who believe that there are people out there who are energy vampires which steal your energy and must therefore be avoided and ignored at all cost.

In reality, the strength of your spiritual energy is proportionate to your spiritual connection to Source (God / the Universe ).  The more “connected” you are, the more spiritual energy strength you have.

However, Source energy is inexhaustible so it’s not possible for “energy vampires” to steal that energy.  Even if they were to “suck” your energy, the supply is infinite so when they finish “sucking your energy”, you’d still have exactly the same amount as when they started.

It’s an illusion that someone can come in and drain your spiritual energy.

But if this is true, then how come when we get around some people we feel like crap?  How come we feel depressed, sad, and negative after being around people who exhibit those qualities?  Are they not sucking our energy dry?

Energy vs Vibration

Energy VampiresTo understand why we feel “low” after hanging out with certain types of people we like to label as “energy vampires” we have to understand the difference between energy and vibration.

Spiritual energy is infinite.  There is no way it can be “sucked dry”.  The amount of spiritual energy you have available to you to is directly proportionate to your conscious connection to Source energy.

Regardless whether you are alone, or around a “negative” person, your Spiritual energy remains the same.

However, what can change is your vibrational frequency.

For example, if your energy normally vibrates with peace, confidence, joy and love, but you get around a person who vibrates at much lower frequencies, such as fear, anxiety, depression, mistrust, doubt etc., what happens is that your energies kind of form a new in-between vibration that’s somewhere between where you’re at and where the other person is at.

So lets say that normally when you pull into a parking lot, you always seem to find parking right up front close to the door within just a few minutes.  Now lets say that the person you’re with normally circles the parking lot for 30 minutes before finding a parking spot and constantly complains about the lack of parking everywhere he goes.

If both of you are in the car, what tends to happen is that your two realities kind of merge and form an in-between reality.  You pull into a parking lot and you do find parking, but it takes 10 minutes which is an abnormally long time for you.  To the other person though, your ability to find parking in only 10 minutes will seem like a random stroke of luck.

So you’re a bit cheesed off because it took you much longer than normal to find a spot, and the other person is a bit surprised that you were able to find a spot so easily.

In a situation where one person vibrates at a higher level and another person vibrates at a lower level, the person who was originally vibrating at the higher frequency leaves the situation feeling “low” because his vibrational frequency has been pulled down, while the person who was originally vibrating at the lower levels actually feels better because his energy was raised during the interaction.

Energy Vampire Addiction

This kind of situation can be very addictive to people vibrating at the lower energy levels.  They’ll get around a person who’s very positive and they’ll throw a whole crapload of negativity at them, and leave the situation feeling refreshed and inspired.

The other person, however, feels drained and depressed until once again they regain their natural state of vibration and most probably attract the next “negative” person into their lives.

The important thing to understand here is that in these kinds of situations, your “energy” isn’t being drained.  You have exactly the same amount of energy before and after your interaction with a “negative” person.  What changes though is your vibrational state.

You may have started out vibrating at the level of confidence and you have a lot of energy behind that confidence.  However, after your run in with the “energy vampire” you are now vibrating at the level of doubt but you still have a lot of energy behind that doubt.  See your energy levels haven’t diminished – it’s just the type of energy that’s changed.

How to Prevent Vibrational Hijacking

When you get around people who are vibrating at a lower level than you, the combined reality you create with the other person will seem much more dense and negative compared to what you normally create in your life.

You’ll hit every red light while driving with the person, catch a flat, get pulled over, and will have a hard time finding parking – for example.

However, none of those things have to lower YOUR level of vibration unless you allow them to.

Which leads me to the point that these so called “energy vampires” are not really here to suck our Spiritual energy.  We attract them into our lives to test our ability to maintain a level of vibration, regardless of the external circumstances that try to affect it.

If you can maintain a high level of vibrational energy when everything your life is going great, that’s wonderful.  But that’s easy to do.

What’s more difficult is to be able to maintain a high level of vibrational energy during times when “external reality” seems so be trying to pull us down.

You always have control though.

Even if you get around a “negative” person and it takes you 10 minutes to find a parking spot instead of the usual 15 seconds, you are 100% in control of how you react to the situation.  You could get upset and cause your vibrational frequency to lower, or you could choose to maintain your higher level state.

By doing that you increase your vibrational frequency even more.

Being an optimist when circumstances in life are in your favor is easy.  Staying positive during times of challenge is much tougher.  That is the sign of a true optimist.

Imagination vs Observation

It doesn’t take any faith or courage to “see” what our senses observe in front of us.  It does take courage and faith to see that which we want to see.

Our ability to maintain our vibrational state regardless of who we get around has to do with our ability to connect with our imagination and “see” that which may not have even been created yet.

It takes courage, faith and imagination to see the positive in a seemingly “negative” situation.

Consider it like training.

You develop a positive attitude and a positive expectation in your life.  However, soon enough a “negative energy vampire” type person shows up in your life and you’re mad and hoping that they would just go away.

In reality, you attracted the person in the first place because you want to develop your imagination and your faith.

You’re testing yourself to see how much “negativity” you can handle before it starts to affect you.  It’s like building a muscle.  The more you practice/train the more you can handle.

Feeling Drained?

If you feel drained every time you get around a person, you may have bitten off a bigger challenge than you can handle right now.  Maybe you need to attract slightly less “negative” people to practice on.

Just remember that the energy you had when you started is still available to you at any time.  It’s not the “energy” you need to replenish, because the energy is infinite.  It’s your vibrational frequency that you need to re-tune.

15 Responses to Energy Vampires – Why We Attract Them

  • sanjay sharma says:

    thanks for the article. i like it very much. you say right it is the vibration which hold us in negative state and this is in our control. we can easily change our thoughts from negative to positive by taking the decision.

    sanjay sharma, india

  • Joy says:

    Brilliant, absolutely brilliant article, Paul. I’ve honestly reached a point where I have to avoid “energy suckers”, thinking there could be no middle ground as to when I could stand them. I get crippled by the fact that I will see them, that the anticipation drains me already. Some people only see me so they could get some sort of upliftment, and I end up feeling deserted in the middle of an abandoned graveyard with all the bad energy. Your article gave me a different perspective. THANK YOU.

  • Jen says:

    Great post. I like the distinction between energy and vibration.

  • jamie says:

    Great job.

    I have enjoyed practicing personal development and vibrating at a higher rate for a couple years now.

    Although, my closest childhood friends have not.

    Now when I spend time with them, esp if it is for an extended period, I have been feeling like they are sucking my positive energy away, even my mental performance in general.

    I have decided to spend less time with them as a result. But these are my oldest friends of 20 years, and the great value that they provide is their loyalty, which can only be gained over time. So I would still very much like to keep them in my life. Any suggestions as how to best maintain these relationships Paul?

    I have heard that you become the average of the 5 people you associate most with. I think there is some truth to that.


    • Mary jones says:

      I can relate.You sound very sentimental and loyal.Be care that you dont project your good qualities on them.Thinking they will do to you as you do to them.They might not have the capacity if they are at a lower vibration. They are not takeing your energy they are useing your mind to attack you,passive aggressive warfare My experience is that these long time friends or lovers ,or even new people.Get in your hart(a vampier can only get in if you let them) then they lash out like a viper with no councious.Do you realy need a loyal snake?Now Its easy for me to think logicaly about your situation.However I have ben in it several times if I could go back I would take the emotion out of it and have compassion for my self.Lonelyness is one of the major reasons for hart break.Trust if I could be lonely with an open hart shackra I would take that over haveing a mate or long time friends that wanted to see me down in the dumps.

  • I read a bunch of stuff right now about how people with negative influences are energy vampires.

  • Edward says:

    Absolutely invaluable piece of advice! I have read your article with much interest indeed and I completely agree with what you say. Sometimes all we have to do is to decide to embrace a positive change and resist negative influence from “energy bloodsuckers”.

  • Jennifer says:

    energy vampires are among us… a friend of mine is one of them… he sucks on other people’s energy and makes them miserable – what a punk! you should avoid meeting such people.

    • Mary jones says:

      I stoped seeing a guy that I liked cause he was annoying and suffocating.A friend said maybe your just irritabe.i gave him a call months later.We went out twice I found out it was deffinately him.He was going out of his way to take me off my equilibrium.I dont think a certain type of person can avoid these people.Its part of the road to self confidance and personal power.These types jump out of the wood works to try to sink your ship.People gotta understand that no one can make the happy.No one can make them sad.That way these jerks cant play with their mind.

  • I like the distinction between energy and vibration.

  • Lizz says:

    Well, you are right on, on alot of that. But we dont always tend to bring others down. Not all of us. I try to keep myself up, without the help of others, thank you very much. We cant really help it sometimes, if we are feeling extreamly negative. When we do, we dont really notice that we have taken any until we feel a drastic change. And as for the whole vampire thing, we are humans, only with “Gifts” you could call it. If I ever did take spiritual power (Energy) I wouldnt mean to, and not take that much, at least thats what some try not to do. They dont mean to drain completly…

  • Lizz says:

    Oh, and as for that Edward guy just 3 above myself… There is a difference between bloodsuckers… and energy consumers… Idiot. BLOOD being the key word there… That should give you a BIG hint… There is no such thing as vampires, energy or blood drinking. You energy “Vampire” are humans with exceptional gifts, weather born with or acquired. Most acquired by a childhood trauma; such as myself. There is no such thing as an Energy Bloodsucker. How fatuous and raunchy…

  • Steve Schwartz - The Passionate Dentist says:

    Hey, gave me some positive spin on a currently bad situation. That helps! Thanks, Paul!
    Lizz, when you say, “We can’t really help it sometimes…” you give up your power by denying responsibility. Ultimate responsibility is ultimate power to change things. I’m just sayin’…

  • hot yoga dvd says:

    Excellent articles & Good site….

  • CAT says:

    Love what you said, we can use the vampires to raise our vibration, like an athlete uses weights to gain strength, beautiful post. Thanks.

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