Carb Nite® Solution – My First 10 Days

As I continue with my body transformation challenge against Nima, I’ve decided to reveal the diet I am following.

Originally I was going to keep it a secret, since I didn’t want Nima jumping on this diet as well for the competition, but then I decided to just reveal it.  If he’s going to copy what I do, that’s fine.

Honestly I really feel like this whole challenge is just me versus myself, not really me versus Nima.  I’ll just do what I do, and if he wants to copy some or all of my strategies, that’s up to him.

What is The Carb Nite® Solution?

The Carb Nite® Solution is a guide to power dieting put together by a physicist named John Kiefer.

I was introduced to this diet by Debby, my personal trainer, a few weeks ago.  She spoke very highly of Kiefer’s (he prefers that over John) book and basically told me that if I want the most effective diet for burning fat while maintaining lean muscle mass, I should buy his book.

Kiefer was nice enough to send me a digital version of the book so that I wouldn’t have to wait for my Amazon order to come in and I devoured the book in a few hours.

I’ll start off by saying that I’m no stranger to diet books.  As part of my my own research over the years and my nutrition training for my advanced nutrition courses at Alive Academy, I had to read through and study a bunch of different diet types.  I’m familiar with most diet types out there and honestly most of them fail to impress me.  There’s are a lot of crappy diets out there.  Some of which, ironically even feature the overweight picture of the author on the cover.

What I immediately found different about Kiefer’s book is that it approaches the problem of dieting from a totally different perspective.  This is not your typical diet book written by a doctor, dietitian or some celebrity.  Kiefer is a physicist so he approached the problem of losing fat from a totally different perspective than I’ve seen in any other diet.

Unlike a lot of other diet books which base their science on a handful of research papers which where hand-picked to support the author’s originally theory, Kiefer really did his homework.  He read over 20,000 peer-reviewed research papers as part of his research for this book and did  a lot of experimenting to come up with and tweak what he believes to be the simplest diet for losing fat and keeping lean muscle tissue.

I have to admit that a lot of the stuff Kiefer talks about in this book can be seen as fairly controversial, in that a lot of it flies in the face of the common wisdom you’ll hear from diet books and even from doctors.

However, unlike so many other diet books, every statement Kiefer makes in the book is backed by thousands of research studies he includes as references at the end of the book.

What’s more, what he says in the book really just makes sense!

It’s not really rocket science, and it’s stuff that I actually remember doing naturally when I was  younger (and leaner), but have stopped doing because of the myths that I’ve been fed by other diet books and doctors.

Once I finished reading this book, I remember thinking “This makes total sense“, so I decided to give it a try.

How The Carb Nite® Solution Works

To really understand how this diet works, you’ll have to buy the book.

Trying to just generally understand the concept without understanding how all the pieces fit together will just cause you to mislabel this diet into something that it is not and toss it aside thinking it is a “flavor” of another similar diet you are familiar with.

It is not a low fat, low protein or low carb diet.  It’s not a diet based on your blood type, or ethnic origin, or named after some ancient tribe which invented it 8,000 years ago and hid it in some tomb only to be accidentally discovered now by some doctor.  It is not a diet that requires you to go in and get daily shots at your doctors office, and it doesn’t require that you purchase $900 worth of supplements to make it work.

It is also not a diet which solves all problems for everyone for all eternity.  It’s a very specialized power diet intended to help people lose fat while maintaining as much of their lean muscle tissue as possible.

In bodybuilder terms I guess it would be a “cutting” diet.  It’s not something you do forever.  It’s a very simple but specific diet which works with the natural cycles of your body to help you shed the excess fat you have, without putting the body into starvation mode and without leaving you hungry.

The closest thing to a label I could give this diet would be an ultra-low carb diet with precisely planned high carb nights at regular cycles in the diet.  Labeling it like that, however, doesn’t do it justice because there is a lot more to it than that.

It’s not just a regular low-carb diet with “cheat” nights like I’ve seen before.  The scheduled high carb nights are not “cheat” nights meant to offer relief from following a strict diet.  They are a planned and required part of making this diet work.  Without these carb nights (where the diet gets its name), the diet doesn’t work.

Also, on these nights where you are required to consume larger amounts of carbohydrates, it doesn’t mean you go out and pig out on fast food and soda pop, but it also doesn’t prevent you from having something as tasty as cheesecake or even doughnuts.

My Experience with The Carb Nite® Solution

Yesterday was my 10th day on the The Carb Nite® Solution diet.  I started it 4 days into my body transformation challenge with Nima.

In the first 10 days of being on this diet my weight dropped from 212.2 lbs to 206.0 lbs, so a weight loss of 6.2 lbs in 10 days.

The short term losses seem promising, but obviously it is the long term effectiveness that I’m looking for.  I’ll keep monitoring and reporting how things go on this diet, but so far after the first 10 days I’m pretty impressed.

During my ultra-low-carb days I’ve learned to prepare meals that fit within the guidelines of this diet and it’s really not that difficult.  I don’t have to buy any kind of proprietary supplements, and all the ingredients for the meals I can get at the grocery stores 15 minutes from my house.

The guidelines also make it easy for me to create my own recipes, so I’m not just locked into using some kind of specialized recipes in the book – although there are a lot of tasty recipes included with the book as well.

I really like the fact that once a week I get to have my Carb Nite® so that I can plan any kind of dinners I go to around that schedule.  In the past when I’ve been on strict diets, I’ve always found it a challenge to attend dinners which never fit within your diet.

On the Carb Nite® diet it’s actually pretty easy to pre-plan meals like that in advance.  This way if I get invited out to dinner somewhere I don’t have to be anti-social and decline because of my diet, or worse try to explain what the diet is and how it works so that someone can try to make a special meal just for me.

Carb Nite®  is also something very different than “cheat day”, which is something I’ve heard a few other diet authors advocate.  The premise behind “cheat day” really stems from the fact that typically on those types of diets you’re eating horrible tasting food, or starving yourself for a whole week and then once a week you get to pig out and have whatever you want.  This “cheat day” usually sets you back from any weight loss progress you’ve made during the week and really just slows things down.

What’s worse is that on other “cheat day” or “cheat meal” type diets, those “cheat days” very quickly turn into two cheat days, then three, and then you’re pretty much “cheating” every day and getting nowhere.

With the Carb Nite® diet, eating those carbs on each Carb Nite® cycle isn’t about cheating or just making yourself feel less deprived.  There is a very specific scientific reason why you must consume carbohydrates on that night, as explained in the book, otherwise your fat loss progress will suffer.

What this means is that on this diet it’s not that I want to eat pasta and cheesecake once a week as a way to make myself feel better, but rather that I have to eat paste and cheesecake (or some other carbs), in order for the diet to actually work.

I know it sounds weird right?

Read the book (or the 20,000 research papers Kiefer did) and you’ll understand why.

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