Dr. Bernstein Diet – Day 49

Well, it’s been another week on the Dr. Bernstein diet.

As a quick recap, I’m on Day 49 of the Dr. Bernstein Diet and Day 90 of my Weight Loss Challenge with Tyler Cruz.

A couple weeks ago I went in for my “Maintenance” consultation at the Bernstein clinic and I got all the information about switching to maintenance.

However, I haven’t really been following the maintenance plan they set out for me.

I’ve been kind of doing an in-between diet, where on some days I’ve been eating pretty healthy as if I was still on the strict Dr. Bernstein diet, while on other days I’ve had some “cheat” meals here and there which are not really part of the diet or maintenance plan.

Nothing too unhealthy, but for example one day I had a baked chicken wrap and garden salad at Pizza Hut – with water (no pop).

The garden salad was pretty healthy, and most of what was in the wrap was healthy too except for the wrap itself.  Since it was a white wrap it doesn’t strictly qualify for the Bernstein plan.

Also, on another day I had a Vegetarian Pizza from Dominos on a thin crust.

Basically what I’ve been doing is experimenting a little bit with trying out some of my favorite foods, while trying to minimize how bad they are.

For example, in the past when I went to Pizza Hut I would order an actual pizza, with chicken wings and pop.  Now I’m ordering something that’s much healthier, but not perfect.

Same with the Dominos order.  Normally I used to order a pizza on thick crust, drink 2 cans of Coke with it and possibly some dessert.  Now even when ordering an unhealthy “cheat” meal, I still stuck to a veggie pizza on a thin crust and drank water, not pop.

I’m actually quite surprised how well I’ve been able to keep the weight off, considering I had a lot of such “cheat” meals this week.

Having said that, even though I’m pretty happy where I’m at, considering my experiments with eating foods not on the Bernstein plan (strict or maintenance) this week, I do think I need to do a minor tune-up on my beliefs again.

I found that as soon as I hit around 190lbs, it became way too easy for me to want to cheat.

I have a feeling that I have some beliefs about my body wanting to be at around 190lbs.

This is not surprising to me as it’s been a very long time since I’ve weighed less than 190lbs.  I’m not exactly sure how long, but I would estimate probably around 10 years since I’ve been in the 180’s, so it’s no wonder my body likes this weight.

I’m going to do some PSYCH-K balances tonight to help me drop down to the next level, moving closer towards my ideal weight.

Dr. Bernstein Diet – Results So Far

As of this morning, I weighed in at 190.0lbs.  This means I’ve lost a total of 22.8lbs in 7 weeks on the Dr. Bernstein Diet.

It also means I’ve lost a total of 26.0 lbs since starting my weight loss competition with Tyler Cruz.

Here’s my updated graph.

And here’s my comparison graph against Tyler Cruz:

Weight Loss Graph

Also, here’s some interesting stats between the two of us:

Basically, I’ve lost 26.0 lbs so far in the competition, which means I’ve got 4.0 lbs to go in order to hit my 30lbs target.  To hit that target between now and Sept 21st I need to lose an average of 0.14lbs/day.

That shouldn’t be a problem, considering that since I started the Bernstein diet I have averaged 0.47 lbs/day in weight loss in the last 7 weeks.

Tyler has lost 18.8lbs so far in the competition, which means he has 11.2lbs left to go to hit his 30lbs target.  To hit that target between now and Sept 21st he needs to lose an everage of 0.39lbs/day.

He started his diet right from Day 1 of the competition and he has averaged 0.21lbs/day.

But then again, you never know what will happen.  In the last week since I’ve switched to maintenance and have been cheating a bit, I’ve only lost 0.8lbs in 7 days which is a 0.11lbs/day average.

So I can’t start slacking now.

Setting a New Goal

Looking at these stats, I have just decided to set a new goal for myself.

I’m going to try to lose the remaining 4.0lbs I have to lose to meet my 30lbs target by September 1st.

That will give me a nice 21 day cushion to lose a bit more before the weight loss competition is over.

That basically gives me 8 days to lose 4.0 lbs.

That is NOT going to be easy, but I think if I push myself I can do it.

Wish me luck.

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