Spiritual Alignment Connection (S.A.C.) Now Available

Back in January 2011 I wrote an article describing my experience receiving my first Spiritual Alignment Connection healing sessions, while on my trip to New Brunswick.

Spiritual Alignment Connection (S.A.C.) is a very powerful healing modality that helps to brings your spirit, mind and body back into alignment and working together.

Prior to having my first S.A.C. sessions with Geoffrey McLatchie, in New Brunswick, I’ve had several different types of energy healing sessions with Reiki practitioners, etc.

When I receive Reiki healings, I don’t typically “feel” a lot of stuff in my body when I’m receiving the energy healing.

With S.A.C. that was really different.  I could actually “feel” the energy moving around and running through my body.

It was a really, really neat and powerful experience which I detail in my previous post.

Getting the session done helped me to get much more connected to my life’s purpose, and it really helped to clear out some blockages that I wasn’t aware I had in my throat Chakra area.

I remember feeling like I was finally able to breathe properly after my sessions — even though I previously never realized I had any problems breathing.

It’s almost as if after my S.A.C. sessions my lung/breathing capacity increased.

S.A.C. Now Available on the West Coast

Although S.A.C. is an awesome modality and I highly recommend it to anyone, it has never before been available anywhere on the West Coast.

The only practitioners performing this modality were formerly in Eastern Canada.

The cool thing is that after several years of training, my wife is now a certified S.A.C. practitioner and teacher, and is now offering S.A.C. sessions on the West Coast, here in our home city of Maple Ridge, BC.

This is a very unique and exciting opportunity.

She’s the first S.A.C. trained practitioner on the West Coast, and it’s so exciting to see her bring this powerful and rare form of energy healing to our local area.

To learn more about S.A.C. and to book your sessions today, please visit my wife’s S.A.C. Spiritual Alignment Connection page here.

The S.A.C. process is a five-part, five-session process could help change your life, like it did mine.

Due to her travel schedule this year, space in her schedule is somewhat limited, so if you are interested I would highly recommend reserving a spot as soon as possible.

Book your sessions here.

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