Are You Trained Like a Flea?

In the late Zig Ziglar’s book “See You At the Top“, Zig shares the story of how fleas can be trained.

Fleas are the best jumpers in the insect word, with the ability to easily jump eight to ten inches high.

However, fleas can also be trained to jump much lower than that through a very simple process.

By placing fleas into a small jar and covering the jar with a lid, the fleas will naturally start to jump to try to get out of the jar.

Because the jar has a lid on it though, the fleas will very quickly learn that jumping too high hurts them as they smack up against the closed lid.

After about 2-3 days of keeping the fleas in the jar, with the lid on, the fleas are now trained to never jump high enough to reach the lid.

At that point you can take the lid off the jar and the fleas will never jump out, even though there is no lid there and they easily have the physical ability to jump out.

It is the conditioning of their minds (their beliefs) that keep them inside the jar forever.

I found a short video on YouTube which demonstrates this process, and I thought it was also interesting to note that when the fleas reproduce, their offspring are not able to jump out of the jar either.

Here’s the video:

Can Humans Be Trained Like a Flea?

Now, we can easily look at the fleas and think to ourselves “Stupid fleas!  They can’t see that the lid is off, so they won’t even try!”, but the reality is that we as human are absolutely just as susceptible to such training as are fleas.

We all have limiting beliefs that hold us back from achieving what we want in life.

Limiting beliefs can be passed down from our parents even prior to our birth.  The beliefs of a mother, for example, have been shown to be passed down to a baby during pregnancy.

This means that by the time you are born, you are already pre-wired with certain “limits” of your mind.

Also, as children our minds are like sponges and we absorb the limits that are imposed upon us by our parents, family, society, the media and other children.

What’s worse is that we are all virtually BLIND to our limited beliefs.

The reason for this is that in our minds, we do not see the self-imposed limits we place upon ourselves as “limits”.  Our mind sees them as FACTS.

For example, prior to the 1950′s, in the running community it was a *well known fact* that human beings were not physically capable of running one mile in less than four minutes.

Many athletes tried to beat the four minute mile, but it was concluded by athletes and scientists alike that the human body was simply not designed or built to run that fast.

This limitation was actually a mental barrier that had nothing to do with the physical body or it’s limits.

However, because everyone had this same mental barrier, it was believed that this was a physical barrier – not a mental one.

One athlete, however, did not have this same belief.  He believed that it was possible to break the 4 minute mile.

That athlete was named Roger Bannister and on May 6, 1954 he shattered this limiting belief by being the first person to beat the 4 minute mile.

What’s interesting about Roger Bannister’s story is that once HE broke the 4 minute mile and this “mental barrier” that everyone previously assumed was a “fact” was broken, athletes all around the world were now able to run the 4 minute mile.

In fact, less than six weeks after Bannister broke the barrier, John Landy of Australia also ran the four minute mile.

Today, kids in high school are able to run the four minute mile.

It is no longer believed to be a “physical barrier” and therefore it isn’t.

Transforming Your Life

To transform your life you must become aware of the limits that your own mind is placing upon you.

This is not very easily done, as it is difficult to see the limits of our own mind while being inside it.  It’s kind of like trying to see the back of your head without the help of a mirror (or a camera).

However, just because you can’t see your mental limits, your limiting beliefs, doesn’t mean that they are  not there.  It just means they are hidden from you.

Just like the fleas in the jar, most of us go throughout our entire lives limited by invisible barriers that we can’t even see.

We’re afraid to hit our heads against the jar lid that isn’t even there anymore.

Perhaps it was there at one point in our lives, or maybe it was there at one point in our parent’s lives, or their parent’s lives etc., but it isn’t there in our lives.

We can’t see past this “jar lid”, but unconsciously we live our lives in such a way so as not to bump up against it.

As part of the process that I go through with people in my RealityMorphing sessions, we explore limiting beliefs to see which limiting beliefs you may have and how they are holding you back from achieving your goals and dreams.

I then go through a very powerful process that virtually zaps those limits out of existence in your mind allowing you to regain your freedom.

Going through this process can allow you to achieve your goals and dreams faster, and with much less effort than ever before.

To learn more about RealityMorphing or to book a session today, click here.

2 Responses to Are You Trained Like a Flea?

  • Wow, that video was awesome. Crazy how the fleas’ offspring do exactly the same thing! Inherited self-limiting beliefs! So apt to how many of us used to operate.
    I was first introduced to this idea by Brian Tracy, who demonstrated it as a law of the universe, that whatever one believes with passion, becomes your self-fulfilling prophecy. So crazy how true this was. I am a fitness junkie, yet I could never get “mega ripped”. It wasn’t a crazy workout or diet plan that helped me, but interestingly, my results became infinitely better once I truly believed that I COULD get ripped. Unbeknownst to me I was telling myself “you’ll never get super lean,” or “to get ripped you need to make yourself sick and tired.” Not so! Now I’ve got the coveted 6 bumps running down my abdomen and veins popping out of everywhere.
    Thanks for this analogy though, I never want to remain in the jar again.


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