Why Getting Rich is the Best Way to Help the World

A lot of the most well meaning, good hearted people on this planet suffer from the misconception that their financial success has no bearing on the effect they have on the world.

Often times I’ll hear people in the “Lightworker” community say “I am a healer, but I don’t do it for the money, I don’t care about money or getting rich” or “I want to help the world, but I don’t care about money.”

Sometimes I’ll even hear people saying things along the lines of “If your motivation is to make money, you’ll never succeed at anything.”

Although I do agree that if someone’s only motivation is to make money and they try to do it in a way that doesn’t align with their values, talents and what makes them feel good, they will not succeed.  For example, if a friend of mine enjoys day-trading stocks for a living and makes a lot of money doing that, but I detest the idea of sitting at home and trading stocks all day long, then I will very likely fail at making any money doing that even if he has made a fortune himself.

To make money you have to find something that you can at least learn to enjoy doing, once you become proficient at it.  You can’t hate what you do and expect success.

What I want to discuss in this post, however, is the other mistake people make – which is doing something they enjoy doing, but pushing away any opportunity for financial success while doing it.

Making more and more money, and becoming more financially successful, while doing what you love is one of the best ways to help the world.

Here’s why…

Money is a Universal Measure of Value Rendered

Putting aside criminal activity, or other illegal or unethical ways of “stealing” money, the only real way to become rich if you weren’t born with it is to provide a tremendous amount of perceived value to the world.

The more value you bring to the lives of the other inhabitants of this planet, the more money you will make.

Therefore, focusing on becoming rich is the same as focusing on providing the most value on this planet.

A person who has provided services to other people on this planet and who has earned a million dollars is a more valuable member of our society than a person who sits on the couch and does nothing.

Therefore, the richer you become the more you help the planet.

Becoming Rich Gives You a True Global VOTE

When you become rich, every dollar in your bank account offers you the ability to VOTE for change.

I’m not talking about voting for some politician.  I’m talking about a much more meaningful and powerful VOTE that can truly change this planet *IF* people learn how to use it.

See, ever dollar that we spend on something is like a VOTE for a better, brighter planet based on our vision.

For example, when I go to the grocery store and I purchase organic bananas for $0.10/lb more than the non-organic ones, I am VOTING for the organic movement on this planet.

If, however, I reject money, wealth, and financial success, then I am forced to purchase the cheaper bananas because that is all I can afford and in effect I am VOTING for the non-organic movement on this planet.

By becoming rich, and financially successful, you can influence the corporations and governments and virtually every aspect of what goes on on this planet simply by spending your money on products and services that you consciously feel good about.

Want to help electric car companies?  Don’t stand at city hall with a picket sign, protesting against the oil companies.  Instead, go become rich and buy and drive an electric car!  And help all your consciously aware “Lightworker” friends become rich as well and get them to buy electric cars as well!

Every dollar we spend on any product or service throughout our lives, is like 1 VOTE.  That one VOTE helps whatever companies that you spend your money with to stay in business, and thrive in the economy.

If throughout your entire life you only make minimum wage, or just enough to get by, it becomes hard to vote for the things you believe in with your money because a lot of times the best choices are not affordable.

For example, if all you can afford to buy is non-organic foods, then how can you VOTE to support organic farmers if all you can afford to buy is non-organic produce?

If all you can afford is an old, used, gas-guzzling car, how can you VOTE for alternative fuel companies when you can’t afford to buy an electric car?

If you want to support energy healers, and alternative medicine, how can you do that if you’re so broke that all you can afford to spend your money on is traditional medicine?

For example, I know many energy healers who believe 100% in energy healing, but they don’t go to any practitioners to get their own healing because they’re too broke.

I know many people who believe 100% in chiropractic medicine, but they never see a chiropractor because they’re too broke.

I know many people who constantly complain about Walmart and McDonald’s and other companies, but they continue to shop at Walmart and buy food at McDonald’s because they’re too broke to shop anywhere else.

Making and Spending Money Consciously Saves This Planet

If you really want to save this planet, stop complaining about all the bankers and corporations out there who have all this money.

Go become financially successful yourself by making your money doing something you feel good about, and that will automatically add tremendous value to this planet.

If you’re an energy healer, go out there and become a multi-millionaire doing what you do!  Do you know how many people you will have helped becoming a multi-millionaire?

If you’re a chiropractor, go become a multi-millionaire adjusting people’s lives for the better.

If you’re an artist, or an entrepreneur, or an athlete or an entertainer, go become an ultra successful multi-millionaire doing what you love.  That is the best way you can help the planet.

And then, once you make all your millions and you’re rich beyond belief, spend the money you’ve made buying products and services from companies and people who you feel good about.

Spending money on things you believe in is the best way to cast your VOTE of support for something.

When you become rich you can spend money on products that are good for the planet, and by doing so you support those companies and encourage new companies to start up and sell other products that are good for the planet.

When you become rich you can spend money on services that are good for the planet, and by doing so you support those companies and encourage new companies to start up an sell other services that are good for the planet.

When you become rich you can donate money to causes and charities that you feel good about and help them prosper and make a difference.

When you become rich you can invest in and fund start-up companies that have wonderful ideas to make this world a better place but lack the funding to get started.

When you become rich you can invest in purchasing shares of companies you feel good about and by purchasing shares you give them the financial support to keep growing and expanding.

When you become rich you can create scholarship programs for young students in a field or school you feel good about.

When you become rich you can influence the planet in a bigger way by the way you spend your money.

The Alternative

If you consider yourself a “good person” or a “Lightworker” or someone who is perhaps a bit more “Spiritually Enlightened” than the “evil rich people out there” who you protest about and post negative comments about on your Facebook wall all the time, I would challenge you to consider what will happen to this planet if you don’t become rich.

Just think about it for a second.

If you use the “well I don’t really care about money” excuse all of your life and you don’t become financially successful, look at all those opportunities you will miss out on having to VOTE for what you believe is good.

And if all the other “good people” on this planet don’t care about money, and financial success, look at all the opportunities they will miss out to VOTE for what’s right by purchasing products and services from companies that are good for this planet.

If you don’t like the way this planet is being run right now, realize that you are part of the problem by being BROKE!

By staying broke, and not “caring” about money, you are not caring about this planet because the way you truly VOTE for change IS with the money you spend.

The reason why pharmaceutical companies are doing what they’re doing is because of all the consumers who continue to VOTE for them by buying their products.

If you STOP buying their products, they will become powerless.

The way that the parasitical wealthy elite class control this planet is by programming you to WANT to stay broke.

They don’t want you to become financially successful.  They want you to stay BROKE, and they constantly feed you a bullshit story that tells you that there is some kind of redeeming quality in going through life, playing the game with minimal effort and staying as POOR as possible – because becoming rich is some kind of evil deed.

Wake up!

Good people, with kind hearts, who are broke, have very little influence on this planet.  But the same good people, with kind hearts, who become rich change EVERYTHING.

Now you may say, “But Paul I don’t *need* to be rich.  I’m pretty comfortable with how much money I make.  I just want to help the world.”

Well, the truth is that the PLANET needs you to be rich.  Because the more money that flows into your hands, and through your hands, the more impact you have on this planet.

A person who lives a life where they create enough value for other people to earn $100 million dollars, and then spend that $100 million dollars throughout their lives buying products and services they feel good about, creates 100x more positive impact on this planet than someone who only makes and spends $1 million dollars throughout their lives.

Want to change the world?  Get stinkin rich beyond your wildest dreams.  And then spend it all before you die, or donate it to a cause when you leave the planet!


4 Responses to Why Getting Rich is the Best Way to Help the World

  • Fran says:

    That’s a good point there. Too many of us good people are always struggling because they don’t have enough money. I’m gonna do something about it.

  • Jasianna Chaley says:

    I loved this article…….it pertains to programming I received earlier in life….it is more spiritual to be poor……How ridiculous that sounds to me, now.

    You raised points I had not considered, especially about purchasing organic vs in organic.

    My intention is to provide millions in value, therefore and Really do my part in promoting prosperity for All.

    Thanks, Paul!

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