Hidden Recipe for Making Money They Don’t Want You to Know About

For thousands of years, the world was divided into the “haves” and the “have nots”.

People were either born into wealth and royalty, or they were considered to be the “poor working class”.

There was very little cross over from the poor working class to wealth and royalty.

The truth about how wealth is created, multiplied and maintained, remained a closely guarded secret only those who were born into wealth were exposed to.

Essentially, the poor were kept poor by controlling the flow of INFORMATION and therefore they had no access to “wealth wisdom”.

The poverty stricken farmer simply had no way to gain access to the information and education that the wealthy elite of the world had access to.

Fast forward to 2013 and we now live in a completely different world.

The flow of INFORMATION has increased at an exponential rate to the point where the average person has absolutely no possible way to ever consume, sort through, and filter through the plethora of information that they have access to.

We live in a completely different world.

Everything has changed.

Or has it?

How the Parasitical Wealthy Elite Hide Their Secrets in 2013?

The biggest illusion that the controlling wealthy elite have sold to the poor & middle class is that because of the advent of the Internet, the middle class now has the same access to the same information that the wealthy elite do.

That is a LIE.

The truth is that really the only thing that has changed is that the preferred method of hiding information went from keeping people illiterate and physically away from the hidden information kept in vaults and private libraries, just a few hundred years ago, to now hiding wisdom in plain sight — completely invisible to the average person.

Right in front of them, but completely invisible.

Let me offer an analogy that might illustrate the point more clearly.

Imagine that it is the year 1,500 and you are a poor farmer walking down a wooded path when you came across a snake that bites you in the leg.

This snake is highly poisonous and without an antidote you will die within a few hours.

The challenge is that the antidote for this type of snake-bite is only available in the King’s castle which is 10 days away (on horseback) and even if you could get there in time as a poor farmer you would not be given access to the antidote.

Therefore in such a situation, with no physical access to the antidote, you will most likely die from the snake bite within a few hours.

In other words, the ANTIDOTE is hidden from you by way of physical proximity, and access.  Even the formula / recipe for creating the antidote is hidden from you and only given to the wealthy / royalty class.

That is how control was maintained hundreds of years ago.

Now, let’s take another hypothetical scenario except this time around it is the year 2013.

Imagine that this time around it is the year 2013, and you are camping in the woods and you come across a snake that bites you.

This snake is highly poisonous and without an antidote you will die within a few hours.

The challenge is that you are deep in the woods, by yourself, and it will take you far too long to get to the nearest hospital (even by helicopter).

However, luckily for you, you have access to a tablet computer with Internet access and a search engine which allows you to gather INFORMATION.

So you go online and you search for a formula / recipe for creating an antidote to the snake bite.

However, you soon realize that there isn’t a single formula / recipe for an antidote.  There are actually 956 different formulas and recipes for creating an antidote to this type of snake bite.

Using your “researching skills” online, you are able to narrow down the number of different formulas down to 328 that fit the criteria of the different types of plants and berries you have access to right where you are camping at.

Now, here’s the challenge…

VIRTUALLY ALL of the “antidotes” that are listed in your search results are theoretical.  They were created by chemistry students, hobbyists, and other amateurs who have actually never created an antidote for a snake bite, but just offer a theory on what might work based on information they have gathered online.

One person’s formula / recipe states that he successfully used his “antidote” to make a mosquito bite go away within a few hours, instead of days, and he has modified it slightly to what he believes to be a universal snake bite “antidote”.

Another person’s formula / recipe is created by a chemistry professor that believes his formula will cure the snake bite, because according to the laws of chemistry and physics the antidote should work, however he has never actually been able to make it work even in a lab.  For some reason unknown to him, the antidote theoretically should work, but it doesn’t.

Another person has a formula for an antidote but his webpage shows that they are now deceased. They died from a snake bite.

You go through DOZENS and DOZENS and DOZENS of potential formulas and recipes trying to find the right one that you can make as an antidote to your bite, while at the same time getting weaker and weaker.

You decide to try making one antidote, after another, running around the forest collecting plants, flowers, berries, mushrooms and various other ingredients that each of the recipes calls for.

You drink these “potions” hoping that at least ONE of them will be the antidote, but you just keep getting weaker and weaker and grow more and more disillusioned.

After several hours, completely exhausted, you slip into a coma and pass away shortly thereafter.

Okay… so what’s my point with this bleak story????

My point is that the ILLUSION is that by having access to “INFORMATION”, that we now have access to TRUTH and WISDOM.

We have been tricked into thinking that the world has completely changed and that we ALL have access to all the same information.

But the truth is that NOTHING HAS CHANGED.  The wealthy elite ruling class have simply HIDDEN their secrets within a mass sea of information (and disinformation).

The *REAL* secrets are still hidden from us, except in a different way.

The antidote for the snake bite can be published completely in plain sight, available to anyone on this planet with an Internet connection, but if you don’t know WHICH of the formulas / recipes for the antidote is the CORRECT one, and if you also don’t know how to DECODE the recipe, then you’re still just as uninformed as you ever were.

See, what the wealthy ruling class do is that they train themselves and their children to be able to ** DISCERN ** the right information from the wrong information.

They are essentially taught the little tricks on how to be able to identify the proper “antidote” and to know exactly how to create it.

When it comes to making money, they don’t waste their time with THEORIES and unproven processes that just waste your time away.

They follow very specific, time tested, proven formulas that they are taught how to find everywhere they go on this planet.

They can walk into a library or a book store, or hook up to an Internet connection and instantly find the right information they need, ignoring 99.999999999% of the other junk and misinformation that the rest of us keep ourselves busy with.

Their Secret Weapon

Besides flooding the Internet with false information and hiding the TRUTH from us in plain sight, there is one other tactic that they employ to keep us busy chasing our tails.

Once in a while, someone within their ranks will come forth and start sharing these hidden secrets with the masses.

Once in a while, someone will come along and blow the whistle on the whole thing.

Once in a while, someone will reveal the secret formulas and recipes that the controlling elite have been using for thousands of years to maintain control.

Once in a while, someone will point people in the right direction which shows them exactly which INFORMATION / DATA is proven to work, and which INFORMATION / DATE is just theories and misinformation designed to keep us busy searching for the “antidote” to poverty.

When this happens, the ruling elite class does what they have always done.  They launch a smear campaign to try to discredit the whistle-blower that is leaking their secrets out to the general public.

  • First they will start by trying to ridicule and discredit the whistle-blower, stating that his theories are bunk.
  • Secondly if that doesn’t work, they will start to attack the whistle-blower’s credibility.  They will use words like “scammer” and “fraud” etc. to try to make people fear listening to that person.
  • Thirdly if that doesn’t work, they will attack the person using their vast mass-media influence.  You will hear all kinds of *stories* about how this person is a fraud.
  • Fourthly if that doesn’t work, they will attack the person via legal means, usually trying to put them in jail to shut them up.
  • Finally if that doesn’t work, they may resort to even more drastic measures.

If you think this sounds like conspiracy theory, remember that when Copernicus discovered that the Earth revolves around the Sun instead of the other way around, this fundamental TRUTH about our solar system was hidden from the masses for 300 years using these tactics!!!

First they ridiculed his theory that the Earth revolves around the Sun.  I mean how could it?  We see the sun rising in the East and setting in the West.  Clearly the sun revolves around the Earth, right???  To think otherwise would be ridiculous, right???

Secondly they tried to discredit Copernicus himself and his credibility.

Then they followed step number three, four and five and it took 300 years before it was accepted as FACT that the Earth revolves around the Sun.

The ruling class did the same thing to Galileo with his discoveries in astronomy.

This is not conspiracy theory, it is fact.

The same tactics are used today, just like they were used hundreds of years ago to keep the TRUTH away from us.

Except that in today’s world, the smear campaigns that are launched against such whistle-blowers who reveal the truth are much more rampant and much more easily executed quickly because of the nature of the Internet and the speed of mass media.

As soon as a whistle-blower reveals some kind of TRUTH, the propaganda engine goes into effect and within hours a whole “story” can be created to try to discredit the theory, the person, etc.


The one thing that the parasitical wealthy elite can’t DISCREDIT, however, is the EFFECTIVENESS of the TRUTH.

In other words, while they can discredit Copernicus and his theory that the Earth revolves around the Sun, they can’t change the fact that the Earth revolves around the Sun.

Just because they can convince the masses that the Sun revolves around the Earth, doesn’t make it so!!!

The truth is the truth, and eventually it comes out.

It Copernicus’ case, it took 300 years but it doesn’t have to in today’s world.  People are now much more aware and smarter.

In this same way, when a whistle-blower reveals the TRUTH to the public, the effectiveness of that truth can’t be denied.

What do I mean by this?

Well, for example if a whistle-blower came forth and revealed the TRUTH about how the wealthy elite really make money and how they really build wealth, and you took that truth and APPLIED it in your life and produced results by improving your financial situation, then it wouldn’t matter how much misinformation and “smearing” they did against the whistle-blower – would it?

If you are exposed to a formula / recipe and you actually TRY IT OUT and you see that it produces results for you… then you become immune to the smear campaign.


I mean if,  for example, Martha Stewart taught you the recipe for how to bake the most amazing chocolate cake, and you tried making that recipe and you made the most amazing chocolate cake, the results would speak for themselves.

If then later on the parasitical elite launched a smear campaign trying to convince you that Martha’s chocolate cake recipe is a fraud, and that it doesn’t even taste like chocolate cake, and that she had no cake making experience and then they threw her in jail for trying to sell a “fraudulent” cake recipe… would that change the fact that you’ve already tried making the cake and it actually worked and it was the most delicious cake you have ever tasted?

Would it matter if the mass media launched 50 stories about how this cake recipe doesn’t work?

No, it wouldn’t matter to YOU right?  Because you already tried the recipe.  You saw that it works.  You made the recipe and you tasted the cake and it was the best cake you ever had.

This is the “SECRET” to being able to see the truth.

The parasitical wealthy elite can try to discredit the messengers of TRUTH, as they have done for thousands of years through various methods that have changed over time, *BUT* they cannot discredit the truth itself because the truth is the truth.

I have discovered a “recipe” or “formula” if you will for making money that is now being revealed to the average person.

A whistle-blower from the ranks of the wealthy elite has come forth to share these money making secrets that they don’t want you to know about.

I have personally used these secrets to improve my financial situation and to improve the financial situation of my friends and family members.

I strongly recommend watching this short 35 minute video which exposes some of these secrets to you right now.

These secrets have been hidden in plain sight for a long time, and are now being exposed.

Once you learn these secrets, apply them in your life and see how quickly things transform for you.

When you experience the results this formula / recipe produces you will see for yourself that it is the truth, and then whatever “smear” campaign the parasitical wealthy elite decide to launch against this whistle-blower will not influence you because you will know it is the truth.

Click here or on the video above to watch.

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  • mebrahtu says:

    Thank you very much indeed for your gift. And i love it honestly as it helps me create and make money through your gift.

    Many thanks again and i hope will see you again.

    Best regards,


    Your friend

  • Lynne says:

    Very interesting article. I don’t know if I agree with all your points, but it does strike me as something we have to think of and pay attention to. I’d like to think that the money making secrets are out there for all of us to have, it’s just a matter of knowing where to look.

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