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If you’re like me, you may have been around the block a few times when it comes to any kind of online “system” that promises to help you make more money.

In fact, in 2011, after 5 years of being in the “Online Marketing” scene I pretty much completely unplugged from it and went right back to basics.

Basics like building “offline” relationships with REAL people – in person, face to face or over the telephone.

In the last 18 months I’ve done more traveling to meet with REAL people, to network face-to-face than I had EVER done in my entire life.

I traveled to Pennsylvania, Las Vegas, Chicago (twice), Miami, the Bahamas, Texas and Los Angeles to meet people, network, and to get around other like-minded, successful people.

What I learned is that most people who build their businesses in the “offline” arena are completely disconnected from what’s available to them in terms of online marketing opportunities — and that hurts their business.

And at the same time a lot of the people who are totally into online marketing and “making money online” tend to be totally disconnected from the power of offline marketing and building relationships etc.

In my 18 month hiatus from online marketing I learned a lot about the offline world, and I always knew that when I start getting back to online marketing I would do things totally differently compared to before.

I believe that there are *HUGE* opportunities right now in bridging the gap between the “offline” and “online” world, when it comes to marketing.

More on that in a second, but before I go there, I just wanted to share something really important that I learned.

Most Important Lesson I Learned

One of the most important lessons I learned in the last 18 months is the importance of working with the proper MENTORS.

It is of utmost importance to listen and learn from the “Best of the Best”.

It’s better to spend $10,000 for good, solid advice from someone who has what you want, and who has been where you are now, than to spend $100 on CRAPPY advice from someone who is just as clueless as you are but portrays themselves as some kind of “guru”.

Our greatest commodity in life is TIME.  You can’t get back the time you waste pursuing theories that sound good but that don’t produce results.

If you want to succeed in life in anything – you must be very selective as to who you listen to on a daily basis.

Auto Recruiting Platform

Now, getting back to bridging the gap between “offline” an “online” marketing…

Let’s start with this…

The lifeblood of any business is their sales department.

The lifeblood of any sales department is the marketing department or a marketing system that can deliver high-quality leads for the sales people to connect with.

If you’re in business, you need leads, otherwise you won’t be in business for long.

One of the challenges that Auto Recruiting Platform is being designed to solve is the challenge of getting access to a high-quality lead source for your business (whatever that may be).

The second challenge that Auto Recruiting Platform (ARP) is being designed to solve in the challenge of online communication with your leads.

Whereas most platforms out there rely on email based communication, ARP is first-and-foremost an SMS (text) messaging platform which automatically sets it apart from every other system of it’s type.

I totally agree with ARP’s philosophy which states that email is very rapidly on it’s way out as a marketing method.

As I write this Blog post, for example, I do so very aware of the fact that even though I have over 13,000 email addresses in my AWeber database which this Blog post will be delivered to, the vast majority of these emails will never be read.

Most emails are deleted or sent to the junk mail folder before a person ever even sees them.

Those that do make it to people’s email folders are mostly ignored due to the sheer volume of emails that people get.

Today, in 2013, when most people email someone they have resort to an “offline” communication method like a phone all or text message to let them person that they emailed them!

How lame!

I can’t even count how many times I’ve sent emails out to friends and two days later when I ask them “Hey, did you get my email?” their response is “What email?”

And that’s a personal one-on-one communication between myself and a friend!  As far as a marketing platform, email is very quickly dying off.

I’ve known for quite some time that SMS/text messaging has taken over, but never really seen any kind of solid platforms that utilize SMS properly until now.

As soon as I saw the system that Auto Recruiting Platform put together, I was impressed.

I have also been very impressed with Don, the founder of this project.

Listening to the calls we get access to with him as Founding Members of this new platform he is releasing has been an awesome learning experience.

If you’re running any kind of business that could use some more customers or “recruits” if you’re in the network marketing / mlm industry, I recommend checking this thing out:

For a limited time there is a “Founders Program” in place where all the people who sign up right now get a special package offer that will not be available once the beta testing is done.

So in return for helping Don test the platform to iron out any small kinks that may still be there in the system, you get to be the first person to take advantage of this platform and save yourself some money in the process.

Not only that, you also get a real-life case study example of a new platform like this being launched and you get to listen to Don’s daily calls to hear what’s happening, how he thinks, and how the handles certain challenges and how he takes advantage of certain opportunities.

The platform is still very much in beta stages, and new functions and benefits are being announced and turned on on a regular basis, so I don’t have a full review of the results of this system yet, but I can tell you that I am very excited as to what this platform promises to deliver.

I think if Don can pull of 1/10th of what his vision is for this thing, it’s going to be huge and I’m excited to be a Founding Member of this.

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  • Guestblo says:

    Well, this was really a nice post to read and was simply amazed to know your take on bridging the gap between online and offline marketing… got to know many interested things. And I quite agree in the fact that working with the proper mentors is really of huge importance in order to be successful in the long run.

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